It’s almost time for another season of college basketball.  To get ready on which teams are serious contenders and which teams are over-rated I will offer some predictions on each of the major conferences and my top choices for who will compete for the national title come tournament time.

Big Ten

This conference has been overlooked the last few years and for good reason, but the powerhouses are back this season.  My favorite team here is no surprise.  Indiana with Cody Zeller is going to be the team to beat, but there are a few other temas that will make noise as well.  Michigan is going to be tough, Ohio State as well.  The two teams not everyone is high on that you better watch out for though are Wisconsin and Minnesota.


I’m going to pass on Kentucky.  I think they are over-rated this year as their recruiting class just wasn’t as strong as years past.  I know Coach Cal has reloaded every year since taking over, but this year is going to be a down one for the program.  Florida though will be back in contention.  The Gators are my pick to win the conference with Alabama and Ole Miss being a couple of sleeper teams to watch out for.

Big East

Rick Pitino just has a way with the Big East and I see that continuing this season with Louisville winning the conference.  Of course you are going to have to watch out for Syracuse and Pitt, but a team that might fly under the radar is Cincinnati.  Notre Dame and Georgetown are also a pair of candidates to sneak up on teams this season.  Overall though I think this conference will be slightly down compared to their solid last few seasons.


You know Duke will be the team to beat here, but NC State is an exciting team that not many people are talking about.  They should be slightly better than North Carolina.  Virginia and Clemson will be in the tier below and aren’t a serious threat to winning the league.

Big 12

If Kansas doesn’t run through this conference yet again I’m going to be surprised.  Kansas State will be their toughest rivals and Baylor, Oklahoma State, and Iowa State will be teams that could sneak up on them.  This is a conference that doesn’t have an elite tea, but a LOT of really good teams so it should be fun to watch.

Pac 12

The Pac-12 has been disappointing for a few years now and it should continue to be down this season.  Arizona is the best team followed by UCLA but then there is a pretty big dropoff to the Stanford/Cal tier.  This league will come down to the Wildcats and Bruins, just as it has all through recent memory.

When tournament time comes you will want to pay close attention to Indiana, Louisville, and Duke.  I see these being the most complete teams up and down the roster who can get it done on both sides of the floor.

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