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Do You Have What It Takes to Be A Handicapper?

We frequently get emailed by handicappers who want to be listed with the top professionals in the world who are found at Boyd’s Bets.  If you are interested in applying for a spot on our roster then here are a few questions we will need answers to (please send to

1.  Have your sports handicapping picks been documented and monitored before?

We only take on board sports handicappers that we have seen provide clients with a consistent winning percentage over the course of several years.  We need to see some sort of third party documentation whether it’s a track record in a forum or at a handicapping monitor.

Unfortunately, handicapping for your friends who will vouch for you just isn’t going to cut it.  Showing us a site that you update on your own which may or may not have clients isn’t going to work either.

If you have never been monitored before and are still interested, motivated, and determined then contact us to find out how we can monitor your plays for a significant period of time to see if you are going to be eligible to sell on our site.

2.  Do you have samples of the analysis provided with your previous picks?

We are only interested in professional handicappers, and professionals provide analysis with their work.  The client needs to know why you went with the team you did so they can feel confident in your choice.  They need to know that you are working hard and deserve to be paid for your selections.  If you are serious about winning there really is no excuse for not posting a play with a detailed writeup.

3.  Do you have samples of promos used to sell your picks?

If you have only sold time-based subscriptions in the past then you might not have worked with packages and promos.  Our site works with time-based subscriptions, but we also use packages and package promos to sell individual games.  You need to show us that you know how to market yourself and the quality picks that you provide.

4. Are you a person or are you a service?

We want people with real names. Boyd’s Bets started out as just that, but then Jimmy Boyd started going by his real name to show clients he was a real person with a stake in the game. We don’t want service names so if you want to hide behind a title, we aren’t interested.

5.  Do you currently sell your picks anywhere else?

We need a list of the sites that you currently use to sell your sports picks.  We will look at the prices of your subscriptions and packages, along with the format you use to sell.  Also, there are some sites out there that we do not want to be associated with in any way, shape, or form, and if you are on those sites then you will be ineligible to post on our site.

If you do not currently sell your picks anywhere else, and are willing to prove to us you know what you are doing by allowing us to monitor you for a period of time prior to being brought on board, then we can also help quality handicappers get their sites off the ground.  We also redesign sites in order to help professional handicappers look more professional to their visitors.