Handicapper Leaderboards

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Our handicapper leaderboards are provided to show you who is doing the best this season both overall and in each individual sport.  By default, we’ll show you the overall leaderboards, which shows each handicapper’s overall record in all sports combined for this year.  At the top of the leaderboard, you’ll also see the option to filter by each individual sport to see which cappers are having the best seasons.

The first column under “Service” lists each handicappers name.  To view that handicapper’s page, and to see what picks, packages or promotions that handicapper is currently offering, you can click on their name at any time.  The column with the heading “Units” indicates how many units each handicapper has profited based on their picks.  Each pick entered into our system is graded based on 100 units won.  We do include standard “juice” or “vig” in each loss as well (typically -110 for spread bets, but vig varies from book to book).  We’ve also included ROI (or Return on Investment) for those looking for a more statistical approach.  Some handicappers put out more games, meaning their ROI has a good chance of being lower, even if they have won a lot of units.  Next you’ll find winning percentage, which is a straightforward look at wins versus losses, which is also displayed.

Each handicapper is graded independently, meaning they have no association with the process whatsoever.  This ensures fair and accurate records.  Please note that we do not take into account additional units recommended by each handicapper.  Because wager sizes and money management recommendations are going to vary from capper to capper, we just want to provide you with a simple way to see who is winning the most!