My daily reading includes all of the previews for college basketball games.  It’s tough to keep track of 350+ teams on a daily basis.  I know quite a bit about each of the BCS schools, and a fair amount about the Mid-Majors.  Even so, it helps to get a refresher every day about the two teams playing in the game so they are fresh in my mind when I dive into the matchup.

There are a lot of games most days in college basketball, and it doesn’t make sense to spend 15 minutes on each if there are 100 games on the board.  You won’t be able to get through the day, so you have to pick and choose your spots wisely.  I do this through going through the preview quickly and seeing if something stands out, if it doesn’t I move on to the next game.

Most previews will tell you a short matchup history, some recent games, and most importantly if someone was hurt or coming back from injury.  The school’s previews are normally great for this sort of thing, and letting you know if someone is really stepping it up lately.  As the season wears on figuring out which teams are improving and which aren’t can help you pick winners late in the year.

Don’t plan on beating the books in NCAA basketball without doing your homework, and each day’s assignment starts with getting a feel for the game by reading the preview.  Only then do you have the basics so you can go deeper into the game and find the winner.

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