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The season hasn’t even started yet, but it’s not too early to start speculating on which teams are going to make the playoffs in the NFL.  Several sportsbooks have already released win totals and odds to win the Super Bowl, plus some early NFL game lines.  Based on those odds we can predict how the playoffs will shake out this season (according to the oddsmakers at least!).  There are links to the full sets of odds that we are basing these predictions on at the bottom of the page if you’d like to take a look at those as well.

Once the some actual odds have been released we will update this page with those numbers, but this gives us a pretty clear picture of how oddsmakers see the 2014 NFL postseason playing out.

Odds to Make the 2014 NFL Playoffs

We’ll start off by projecting the standings for the each division based on the odds that have already been released.

Projected 2014 NFL Standings

North South East West
1st – Bengals (x) 1st – Colts (x) 1st – Patriots (x) 1st – Broncos (x)
2nd – Ravens (y) 2nd – Texans 2nd – Dolphins 2nd – Chiefs
3rd – Steelers (y) 3rd – Titans 3rd – Jets 3rd – Chargers
4th – Browns 4th – Jaguars 4th – Bills 4th – Raiders
North South East West
1st – Packers (x) 1st – Saints (x) 1st – Eagles (x) 1st – Seahawks (x)
2nd – Lions 2nd – Falcons (y) 2nd – Cowboys 2nd – 49ers (y)
3rd – Bears 3rd – Panthers 3rd – Giants 3rd – Cardinals
4th – Vikings 4th – Buccaneers 4th – Redskins 4th – Rams

x – division winners
– wildcard teams

Now we have the standings – including division winners – but we still need to work out the seeding for the playoffs.  We projected these teams by comparing the odds to win the Super Bowl to the season win totals and using early NFL points spreads to settle any potential tie-breakers.

Projected Playoff Seeding

(1) Seahawks
(2) Saints
(3) Packers
(4) Eagles
(5) 49ers
(6) Falcons

(1) Broncos
(2) Patriots
(3) Colts
(4) Steelers
(5) Bengals
(6) Ravens

That gives our list of teams projected to make the 2014 NFL Playoffs.  Now we can break down each game of the playoffs based on our odds to give us our winners by round (projected winners are underlined).

Projected Wildcard Round Matchups

Packers vs Falcons
Eagles vs 49ers

Colts vs Ravens
Steelers vs Bengals

Projected Divisional Round Matchups

Seahawks vs Packers
Saints vs 49ers

Broncos vs Colts
Patriots vs Steelers

Conference Championships

Seahawks vs 49ers

Broncos vs Patriots

Projected Super Bowl Matchup

Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos

Projected Super Bowl Winner:  Seattle Seahawks

Now, I know the Championship Game matchups and the Super Bowl (and its outcome) are the exact same as we had last year, and that is a highly unlikely outcome, however, we are using the odds as they are listed today – these aren’t predictions based on knowledge or speculation beyond the numbers.

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