How Rest Plays a Factor in Bowl Games

Rest plays a factor in all sports and it’s one of my favorites situational factors in handicapping. Having more rest than your opponent coming into a game in any sport is usually an advantage. That is especially the case in professional basketball when teams do not have huge layoffs in between games. It’s also the… Read More »

Handicapping Triple Option Teams in Bowl Games

The triple option is considered one of the more difficult offenses to prepare for in college football. It’s a non-stop rushing attack that keeps the defense guessing. Those that have been running it, routinely finish in the top 10 in the country in rushing and the bottom 10 in passing. While there are several teams… Read More »

Bowl Teams Off Blowout Loss

There are so many different factors to look at when handicapping a bowl game. Understanding the history of bowl games can certainly help with making your decision. Motivational factors are clearly more important in bowl games than they are in the regular season. Statistics can’t exactly be thrown out the window, but you should focus… Read More »

Bowl Game Handicapping Strategy

Bowl season is upon us once again.  With each passing, year you learn new strategies that give you the edge over the oddsmakers.  I have analyzed the numbers behind some of these strategies in hopes of boosting profits this bowl season. Recently, I looked at how teams fare against bowl opponents that have fewer wins.… Read More »

Handicapping Line Movements in College Bowls

With the college bowl season upon us yet again, I wanted to explore a long-debated item in the sports betting world:  line movements.  Now, line movement arguments don’t apply only to college football bowl games, however, you may find this information useful should you consider betting a game which has seen any substantial line movement.… Read More »

Major Versus Non-Major Bowl Game Results

It seems everyone has their own way to handicap the college bowl games.  Some may have a system that involves playing favorites at a certain line, or fading teams based on how they finished the regular season.  One popular trend I continue to hear about is the theory that you can take or fade a… Read More »