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When it comes to writing a review of 5Dimes sportsbook, it isn’t hard to find a lot of positive things to say.  This company is as financially stable as they come so you never have to sweat a payout.  They havea great customer service staff who takes care of clients.  The website is easy to use.  Plus, they have hefty bonuses for players looking for free money.  It easily ranks at the top of the best sports betting sites.

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***If you tell them our site sent you then you can even get free premium sports picks from any of our best handicappers.  The length of your subscription increases by the amount of your initial deposit.***

Why 5Dimes is Our #1 Sportsbook

Reduced Juice

The #1 reason for signing up with 5Dimes is their reduced juice on every sport you would want to bet on.  You basically get dime lines on every sport, not just baseball!  You’ll get juice like -105, -102, +101 instead of -110 like at any other sportsbook.  This small difference adds up quick and is the major reason you have no excuse for not holding an account here!


5 Dimes offers unique betting lines on every sport. You can use this for line shopping purposes to help ensure you get the best number possible for each one of your bets.

Also, if you know more about a specialty sport than most people this betting site allows you to take advantage.  Tennis, cricket, auto racing, soccer, golf, MMA, and boxing will all have listed lines.

5Dimes.eu Bonuses & Rewards

5 Dimes offers bonuses for new accounts, plus reload bonuses, and other special promotions.  Be sure to read all rules, policies, and restrictions on their promotions to ensure you are getting exactly what you expect out of them.

New Account/Sign Up Bonus

When you open a new account you will have the option to select from one of the following bonus offers:

  • Reduced Juice (Our Pick):  As we’ve mentioned, one of the primary reasons we love 5Dimes is their reduced juice on almost all major sports.  This is our recommended choice as it is a gift that keeps on giving!  With this bonus you essentially receive a 4.5% discount on every wager you make on the site!
  • 50% Plus New Player Reward: Here’s how it works.  Your deposit from $100-$400 receives a 50% Free-Play Reward up to $200.  If the deposit amount is more than $400, up to $2,000, you qualify for another 20% Free-Play Reward.  This means you can receive up to $520 in rewards!  This chart shows some examples:
First Deposit Amount50% Reward20% RewardFree Play Reward
  • MatchPlay Casino 50% Reward: Get up to $125 to use in the 5Dimes MatchPlay Casino with this option.  Just deposit between $50 and $250 and qualify for a 50% match play reward.  Note that you must first wager ten times your deposit amount (also known as a 10x rollover) to receive this bonus.
  • Lucky 77 for New Accounts:  With this interesting option you must deposit exactly $77 through credit card or eWallet to qualify.  Choosing this promotion gets you 77 free shots for use in 5Dimes Lotto games.

Reload Bonuses at 5Dimes

  • Sportsbook Free-Play Reload Rewards:  Need to replenish your account?  No problem!  5 Dimes has you covered with a 20% Free-Play Reward in the sportsbook.  You maximum reload bonus amount is based on your method of deposit.  This table shows the current max reload bonus rewards:
Funding MethodReload AmountReward Value
Credit Card$250$50
Person to Person$2500$500

Customer Service Contact Information

For gamblers who like high stakes then 5Dimes.eu isn’t going to turn away from your action. Even small players will feel like a VIP with the way they treat you.

You’ll find a great overall experience when opening up an account here.

Phone Numbers

General Questions

Sports Wagers

Horse Wagers


[email protected]

Live Chat

Available on site 24/7.

Free 5Dimes Payouts & Safe Payment Methods

Reliable Options for Making a Deposit

  Bitcoin – BTC$25$20,000Free
  Credit & Debit Cards$50Ask Live HelpFree
  Person to Person$100$690Reimbursed if over $500

Fast Payout Options

MethodMinMaxProcessing TimeFee
  Bitcoin$50$10,000within 48 hoursFree
  Cashier Check$1,000$3,000within 48 hoursBased on Amount
  Person to Person$100$380within 48 hoursBased on Amount

Legit Betting Lines & Odds

When it comes to parlay odds, you aren’t going to find a better place for your wagers. You get 13/5 on 2 teamers instead of the standard 5/2, plus they bump up the scale on all bets from there on. If you like parlays then you are going to love 5 Dimes.

Parlay Payoffs & Payouts

Below are the 5Dimes parlay payouts for football and basketball based on odds of -110.

# of TeamsParlay Payoff
16-25True Odds

5Dimes Complete Teasers Odds & Payout Charts for Football & Basketball

There are a lot of different teaser options at 5Dimes, below you will find out the payouts for each type. The first two tables represent odds for football on 5 point through 9.5 point teasers in football and 4 through 6.5 point teasers in basketball, while the “extended” tables show the payoff odds for 10 point through 20 point teasers in football and 7 point through 16 point teasers in basketball.

There are three different kinds of teaser odds: ties win, ties reduce, and ties lose. All that this means is that, should one or more of the wagers in your teaser lands exactly on the number (tie or push), the teaser either wins, reduces, or loses depending on which you choose.

2Ties Win+105+101-105-115-128-143-158-173-190
3Ties Win+195+185+172+157+142+127+115+105-104
4Ties Win+325+310+285+250+225+200+175+160+145
5Ties Win+510+480+440+385+340+295+255+230+210
6Ties Win+775+730+660+580+505+420+360+320+285
7Ties Win+1150+1075+970+845+725+590+500+440+285
8Ties Win+1700+1590+1415+1235+1000+810+680+595+515
9Ties Win+2500+2325+2050+1685+1400+1100+925+795+680
10Ties Win+3650+3400+2950+2375+1925+1525+1250+1050+890
11Ties Win+5400+4950+4250+3300+2650+1950+1650+1375+1150
12Ties Win+7800+7200+6100+4600+3600+2800+2225+1825+1500
13Ties Win114 to 1105 to 1+8800+6500+4900+3750+2950+2400+1950
14Ties Win164 to 1151 to 1125 to 1+9000+6700+5100+3900+3150+2550
15Ties Win245 to 1220 to 1180 to 1130 to 1+9500+6900+5100+4050+3300
2Ties Reduce+107+103+100-110-120-135-150-165-180-200
3Ties Reduce+200+190+180+165+150+135+120+110+100-107
4Ties Reduce+335+315+300+265+240+215+185+168+153+140
5Ties Reduce+525+490+465+410+365+320+270+245+220+200
6Ties Reduce+805+745+710+610+550+460+380+345+300+275
7Ties Reduce+1200+1100+1050+890+800+650+530+475+405+370
8Ties Reduce+1775+1625+1550+1275+1100+900+725+640+540+490
9Ties Reduce+2600+2400+2250+1825+1550+1250+975+875+715+650
10Ties Reduce+3800+3500+3300+2600+2150+1725+1325+1175+935+850
11Ties Reduce+5600+5100+4800+3700+2950+2350+1775+1550+1225+1100
12Ties Reduce+8200+7400+7000+5200+4050+3200+2400+2050+1600+1425
13Ties Reduce120 to 1107 to 1101 to 1+7400+5600+4300+3200+2700+2100+1825
14Ties Reduce177 to 1157 to 1145 to 1105 to 1+7600+5900+4300+3550+2750+2350
15Ties Reduce260 to 1230 to 1210 to 1150 to 1110 to 1+8000+5800+4700+3600+3000
2Ties Lose-210-230-250-270-300-350-410-470-540-620-700-825-975-1125-1300-3000
3Ties Lose-110-120-135-155-175-200-235-275-315-375-445-525-600-715-825-1600
4Ties Lose+136+128+120+110+100-110-120-140-160-210-300-350-400-490-575-900
5Ties Lose+195+180+165+155+140+125+115-105-120-160-200-250-290-360-425-600
6Ties Lose+265+245+225+205+185+165+150+125+105-125-150-190-220-275-325-450
7Ties Lose+355+325+295+265+240+215+195+160+130-100-120-150-175-215-250-375
8Ties Lose+465+425+385+345+305+270+240+200+160+130+105-125-145-175-200-320
9Ties Lose+610+550+490+435+385+340+300+245+195+155+125-105-125-150-170-280
10Ties Lose+800+710+630+550+480+425+375+300+230+190+150+120-105-125-145-240
11Ties Lose+1025+915+815+705+595+525+460+365+275+225+175+140+110-110-125-210
12Ties Lose+1325+1175+1050+890+740+650+560+440+330+265+205+165+125+105-110-180
13Ties Lose+1700+1500+1325+1100+910+790+680+540+400+320+240+190+145+125+105-160
14Ties Lose+2200+1900+1675+1375+1125+975+825+650+480+380+280+220+165+140+120-140
15Ties Lose+2850+2450+2100+1750+1400+1200+1000+775+575+445+325+255+185+155+135-120
2Ties Reduce-220-240-260-285-325-380-440-500-580-660-750-900-1050-1200-1400-3500
3Ties Reduce-115-128-145-165-185-215-255-295-345-410-485-565-660-770-900-1800
4Ties Reduce+132+124+115+105-105-115-130-150-180-250-325-375-445-535-625-1050
5Ties Reduce+187+172+160+147+132+120+105-112-140-180-225-270-325-395-465-700
6Ties Reduce+255+235+215+195+175+157+135+115-110-140-170-205-250-300-360-525
7Ties Reduce+340+310+280+250+225+205+175+145+115-110-135-165-195-235-280-425
8Ties Reduce+445+405+365+325+285+255+220+180+145+115-110-135-160-190-225-360
9Ties Reduce+580+520+460+410+360+320+270+220+175+140+110-115-140-160-185-310
10Ties Reduce+755+675+590+515+450+400+335+265+210+170+135+105-115-135-160-265
11Ties Reduce+970+860+760+650+560+490+410+320+250+200+155+125+100-120-140-230
12Ties Reduce+1250+1100+970+815+695+605+500+385+295+235+185+145+115+-105-120-200
13Ties Reduce+1600+1400+1225+1000+850+735+610+470+360+280+215+165+135+115-105-175
14Ties Reduce+2050+1775+1525+1250+1050+900+735+565+430+330+250+190+150+130+115-155
15Ties Reduce+2650+2250+1925+1575+1300+1100+875+675+510+385+290+220+170+145+130-135

Pleasers Payout Charts

A pleaser is essentially the opposite of a teaser in that you “sell” points in order to get better odds.  For example, if the Cowboys are listed as 7 point favorites and the Patriots are listed as 10 point favorites, you could take a 6-point pleaser option for these games to bet the Cowboys -13 and the Patriots -16.  If both teams would win, you’d be paid at +550 odds (a $100 bet would win $550).

# of TeamsNFL Points678910
2Ties Win+550+630+700+760+830+950+1000+1100+1200
3Ties Win+1550+1875+2150+2425+2725+3325+3550+4075+4600
4Ties Win+410053/163/174/185/1110/1120/1145/1170/1
5Ties Win105/1145/1180/1220/1265/1360/1400/1510/1620/1
6Ties Win270/1390/1520/1650/1825/1N/AN/AN/AN/A
# of TeamsNFL Points678910
2Ties Reduce+600+660+730+800+860+950+1050+1250+1250
3Ties Reduce+1750+2000+2300+2600+2875+3325+3800+4875+4875
4Ties Reduce+480057/168/180/191/1110/1135/1185/1185/1
5Ties Reduce130/1160/1200/1245/1285/1360/1465/1690/1690/1
6Ties Reduce350/1450/1575/1750/1900/1N/AN/AN/AN/A

Corresponding Pleaser Point Giveaways in Other Sports

There are pleasers in other sports, here’s how they line up with the table above, which is NFL only.

6 Point NFL Sides

  • 7 points NCAAFB & CFL sides
  • 8 points all other football sides
  • 6 points NFL totals
  • 7 points NCAAFB & CFL totals
  • 8 points all other football totals
  • 5.5 points NBA sides
  • 6 points all other basketball sides
  • 7 points all basketball totals

6.5 Point NFL Sides

  • 7.5 points NCAAFB & CFL sides
  • 8.5 points all other football sides
  • 7 points NFL totals
  • 8 points NCAAFB & CFL totals
  • 9 points all other football totals
  • 6 points NBA sides
  • 6.5 points all other basketball sides
  • 8 points all basketball totals

7 Point NFL Sides

  • 8 points NCAAFB & CFL sides
  • 9 points all other football sides
  • 8 points NFL totals
  • 9 points NCAAFB & CFL totals
  • 10 points all other football totals
  • 6.5 points NBA regular & post season sides
  • 7 points all other basketball sides
  • 9 points all basketball totals

7.5 Point NFL Sides

  • 8.5 points NCAAFB & CFL sides
  • 9.5 points all other football sides
  • 9 points NFL totals
  • 10 points NCAAFB & CFL totals
  • 11 points all other football totals
  • 7 points NBA sides
  • 7.5 points all other basketball sides
  • 10 points all basketball totals

8 Point NFL Sides

  • 9 points NCAAFB & CFL sides
  • 10 points all other football sides
  • 10 points NFL totals
  • 11 points NCAAFB & CFL totals
  • 12 points all other football totals
  • 7.5 points NBA sides
  • 8 points all other basketball sides
  • 11 points all basketball totals

8.5 Point NFL Sides

  • 9.5 points NCAAFB & CFL sides
  • 10.5 points all other football sides
  • 11 points NFL totals
  • 12 points NCAAFB & CFL totals
  • 13 points all other football totals
  • 8 points NBA sides
  • 8.5 points all other basketball sides
  • 12 points all basketball totals

9 Point NFL Sides

  • 10 points NCAAFB & CFL sides
  • 11 points all other football sides
  • 12 points NFL totals
  • 13 points NCAAFB & CFL totals
  • 14 points all other football totals
  • 8.5 points NBA sides
  • 9 points all other basketball sides
  • 13 points all basketball totals

9.5 Point NFL Sides

  • 10.5 points NCAAFB & CFL sides
  • 11.5 points all other football sides
  • 13 points NFL totals
  • 14 points NCAAFB & CFL totals
  • 15 points all other football totals
  • 9 points NBA sides
  • 9.5 points all other basketball sides
  • 14 points all basketball totals

10 Point NFL Sides

  • 11 points NCAAFB & CFL sides
  • 12 points all other football sides
  • 14 points NFL totals
  • 15 points NCAAFB & CFL totals
  • 16 points all other football totals
  • 9.5 points NBA sides
  • 10 points all other basketball sides
  • 15 points all basketball totals

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