Ari Atari is a selective handicapper who takes his time identifying safe, profitable picks. He’s the guy you want if you’re into making good money on as few bets as possible.

For example, Ari has only put through 118 MLB picks since July 2015. That’s less than three per week. That may not please bettors who want tons of action to take every day.

But on those 118 picks, Ari has brought down $1,482 in profit off $100 bets. He hit an unreal 64%, at 75-43. What does this mean to you? It means that Ari doesn’t send in picks unless he’s sure he has something special. That’s what brings him one of the highest winning percentages on our site.

Over a 3-week stretch in May 2016, he only put down 14 picks on all sports. But he went 11-3 on those picks, and brought in $668 in profit on them. He boasts high winning percentages and solid profit in baseball, basketball, and football.

Ari has figured out that you don’t need to place a lot of bets if you just win. And the reason he’s so selective is because he values your trust.

See, Ari came into professional sports handicapping from a different direction than most. Ari made his name as a forum-based handicapper in summer 2011. He gained so much notoriety, so fast, he had made a company out of it in a matter of months.

It isn’t just about betting the right side for Ari, it’s about better the right amount. He makes money with a high winning percentage, and a sophisticated money management system. That’s why members consider his one of the most trustworthy services in handicapping.