Boyds Review of Sports Handicapper Chase Diamond

One of the new names on our site, Chase has established himself as a top baseball handicapper.  Diamond came onto the scene in 2014 with a #3 ranking, and the following that up with a #8 showing in 2015. He’s proven to be one of the best handicappers in the world.

But it’s one thing to lay down superlatives like that. It’s another thing to prove it. So where’s the proof?

The numbers tell the story. Since May 30, 2015 (just over a year’s time), Chase is an unreal 357-272 on his MLB picks, a 57% win rate.

That wouldn’t be all that amazing by itself, but Chase likes to bet underdogs. So in those picks, Chase has made his $100-a-game bettors over $5,800 in about a year and one week.

That’s just an unreal level of profit. He’s also an excellent handicapper in most other major sports, and even some minor ones. Over the last calendar year, he is 832-704 in all sports, for a profit of $5,184.

As you can see, Chase is a high-volume handicapper. While he excels in baseball, there’s no sport he can’t find success in. He’s 72-59 in NHL betting since November 2015. He’s 126-107 in NBA betting since May 2015. He’s 48-31 in NFL picks since October 2015. He’s earned more than $1,000 in profit in each of those sports.

He’s even locked in a couple of top 10 finishes in the WNBA.

The best thing you can do with Chase is listen to his MLB advice like gospel. And if you want to take some of his action on other sports, you can feel confident in that, too. There are no guarantees in sports handicapping, only good odds.  But having said that, Chase sure does offer pretty good odds.

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