RankHandicapperProfitROIWin PCTW-LAvg. OddsSc Score
1Scott Rickenbach$5,132+18.6%60.4%151-99-10444.95
2Steve Janus$2,883+12.3%58.5%124-88-10818.49
3Brandon Lee$2,707+16.0%60.3%94-62-10821.99
4Don Anthony$2,356+11.2%58.5%110-78-11113.27
5Sean Higgs$1,820+5.3%53.8%169-145-1045.08
6Trev Rogers$1,644+5.5%55.1%147-120-1094.52
7Jeff Alexander$1,453+6.0%55.2%122-99-1084.78
8Scott Spreitzer$1,448+13.1%59.6%59-40-1119.82
9Rocky's Lock Club$1,444+9.1%57.0%81-61-1096.85
10Alex Smart$1,219+3.0%53.5%197-171-1081.91
11Zack Cimini$1,194+13.6%59.5%47-32-1098.63
12Mike Lundin$873+2.8%53.5%139-121-1110.38
13Jeff Hochman$816+25.5%65.5%19-10-11010.34
14Rocky Atkinson$747+9.7%57.1%40-30-1074.19
15Ray Monohan$644+3.8%53.6%82-71-1080.86
16Sam Martin$510+13.0%58.3%21-15-1063.44
17Brian Hay$458+28.2%66.7%10-5-1086.75
18John Martin$251+0.8%52.3%157-143-1080.10
19Bryan Leonard$242+2.3%53.2%50-44-1080.30
20Steve Merril$137+1.4%52.9%46-41-1080.16
21Joseph D'Amico$118+1.5%52.8%38-34-1080.11
22Jim Feist$112+0.2%52.8%215-192-1120.00
23Pure Lock$100+1.2%52.6%40-36-1080.08

This is our all sports leaderboard page. It tells you who is doing the best this calendar year in every sport that the handicappers cover.

If you are more interested in a specific sport then at the top of the leaderboard you will see the dropdown box which enables you to filter by each individual sport.

The first column under “Rank” lists the ranking of each handicapper. We use total profit on all of their picks to order our rankings.

The second column “Handicapper” gives the services name. To view that handicapper’s page, and to see what picks, packages or promotions that handicapper is currently offering, you can click on their name at any time. 

The column with the heading “Profit” indicates how much a $100 per game bettor would have won with each handicapper based on their premium sports picksWe do include standard “juice” or “vig” in each loss as well (typically -110 for spread bets, but vig varies from book to book).

The “ROI” column stands for Return on Investment. This data helps those looking for a more statistical approach.  Some handicappers put out more games, meaning their ROI has a good chance of being lower, even if they have won a lot of units.

Next you’ll find winning percentage (Win PCT), which is a straightforward look at wins versus losses, which is also displayed.

The average odds shows the average line on the picks this handicapper releases. The options that the handicapper has come from our live odds page so you can see what lines the capper has available to him throughout the day.

SC Score is something that we use to give an indication of how confident we are the handicapper knows what he is doing.  The higher the score the more likely his success isn’t due to chance, but rather skill or expertise in the sport.

Each handicapper is graded independently, meaning they have no association with the process whatsoever.  This ensures fair and accurate records.

We do not take into account additional units recommended by each handicapper.  Because wager sizes and money management recommendations are going to vary from capper to capper, we just want to provide you with a simple way to see who is winning the most!

If you want free picks all you have to do is click here.  But just remember while that page has lots of great info and opinions on games, we do not count the free selections in the leaderboard stats.

Additional Pick Research

If you want records going back even further then I recommend checking out our long-term trends page.  It ranks the handicappers based on records going back even further.  I typically use data going back several years, combing it with the consistency of the wins and losses when putting together my list of best sports handicappers each year.