The oddsmakers at 5Dimes have recently released their 2016 MLB player props.  I’ve put together a full list of the available prop bets below.

All of the prop bets on this page are based on results for the entire season. That means these are only available for a short time. Once the new season starts, these betting options go off the board.

Betting on a prop bet is simple. Oddsmakers set a number on a specific stat like home runs, hits, wins etc. You then have the option of betting whether it will go over or under that mark.

For example, there’s a prop for total home runs hit by any player. The over/under for that is 44.5. If you bet the over, only one player needs to hit 45 or more home runs for you to win your bet. If no player hits 45 home runs, those backing the under would cash a winning ticket.

There’s also prop bets on individual players in the same categories. For example, Bryce Harper has a prop on total home runs hit at 34.5. Here you simply would wager whether you think Harper is going to hit more or less than 34.5 home runs.

Most prop wagers on player performance is in this format. However, there are some based on who will lead a specific category or win an award. An example of this would be the first table listed below for most homers hit. Here oddsmakers set odds on a number of players and you bet on your favorite.

Other examples of these kind of odds would be MVP odds for both leagues, as well as Cy Young award odds.

There are some key things to look for when trying to find value with these player props. Look for proven players who are coming off a down year or injury plagued season. Prop bets are based heavily on the player’s performance from the last season. Not their career numbers or potential.

Another thing to keep an eye out for, is players moving from a hitter-friendly home park to a pitchers’ park.

If you take some time to break down the numbers, you will be surprised at the number of quality bets out there.

My MLB predictions for the season will clue you in as to a few of the ones that I like.  For fans of baseball futures I also recommend you check out the World Series odds and season win totals.

General Player Props

Most Home Runs

 Giancarlo Stanton +600
 Chris Davis +1000
 Bryce Harper +1150
 Mike Trout +1200
 Edwin Encarnacion +1700
 Kris Bryant +1700
 Josh Donaldson +2000
 Nolan Arenado +2100
 Nelson Cruz +2200
 Jose Bautista +2600
 Paul Goldschmidt +2600
 Todd Frazier +2700
 J.D. Martinez +3000
 Miguel Cabrera +3200
 Jose Abreu +3300
 Miguel Sano +3300
 Anthony Rizzo +3300
 Carlos Gonzales +3300
 Troy Tulowitzky +4000
 Justin Upton +4300
 Carlos Correa +4500
 Khris Davis +4500
 Albert Pujols +5000
 George Springer +5000
 Mark Trumbo +5000
 Joey Votto +6500
 Pedro Alvarez +6500
 Evan Gattis +6700
 Yoenis Cespedes +7000
 Kyle Schwarber +7200
 Adam Jones +8000
 David Ortiz +8000
 Hanley Ramirez +8500
 Maikel Franco +9000
 Lucas Duda +9500
 Manny Machado +10000
 Prince Fielder +10000
 Alex Rodriguez +11000
 Mark Teixeira +11000
 Ryan Braun +11000
 Joc Pederson +11000
 Freddie Freeman +11000
 Jay Bruce +11000
 Adrian Gonzalez +11000
 Evan Longoria +11000
 Curtis Granderson +11000
 Andrew McCutchen +11000
 Corey Dickerson +11000
 Kyle Seager +11000
 Matt Kemp +11000
 Matt Adams +11000
 Kole Calhoun +11000
 Kendrys Morales +11000
 Brian Dozier +11000
 Michael Conforto +11000
 Randal Grichuk +11000
 Yasiel Puig +11000
 Corey Seager +11000

Hitting Props – Any Player

Most Home Runs
Over/Under 44.5

Most RBI’s

Over/Under 128.5

Most Runs

Over/Under 121.5

Most Hits

Over/Under 208.5

Most Stolen Bases

Over/Under 63.5

Most Doubles

Over/Under 51.5

Most Triples

Over/Under 12.5

Pitching Props – Any Pitcher

Most Wins

Over/Under 21

Most Losses

Over/Under 17

Most Saves

Over/Under 49.5

Most Strikeouts

Over/Under 276.5

Most Complete Games

Over/Under 5.5

Player Specific Props (Hitting)

Home Runs

 Giancarlo Stanton 36.5
 Bryce Harper 34.5
 Nelson Cruz 32.5
 Josh Donaldson 32.5
 Jose Abreu 31.5
 Anthony Rizzo 31.5
 Miguel Cabrera 27.5
 Carlos Correa 27.5
 Yoenis Cespedes 26.5
 Evan Longoria 23.5
 Lucas Duda 24.5
 J.D. Martinez 27.5
 Miguel Sano 29.5
 Kyle Schwarber 27.5
 Mike Trout 35.5
 Jose Bautista 32.5
 Edwin Encarnacion 33.5
 Chris Davis 36.5
 Paul Goldschmidt 30.5
 Kris Bryant 31.5
 Adam Jones 27.5
 Carlos Gonzalez 26.5
 Todd Frazier 26.5
 George Springer 24.5
 Mark Teixeira 24.5
 Justin Upton 26.5
 Andrew McCutchen 23.5
 David Ortiz 26.5
 Prince Fielder 23.5


 Jose Altuve 187.5
 Robinson Cano 175.5
 Manny Machado 165.5
 Dee Gordon 174.5
 Adam Jones 169.5
 Josh Donaldson 169.5
 Lorenzo Cain 156.5
 A.J. Pollock 169.5
 Paul Goldschmidt 169.5
 Anthony Rizzo 159.5
 Charlie Blackmon 166.5
 Mookie Betts 175.5
 Mike Trout 172.5
 Ian Kinsler 161.5

Player Specific Props (Pitching)


 Clayton Kershaw 17.5
 Jake Arrieta 15.5
 David Price 15.5
 Dallas Keuchel 14.5
 Matt Harvey 13.5
 Chris Sale 14.5
 Stephen Strasburg 13.5
 Cole Hamels 13.5
 Jon Lester 13.5
 Sonny Gray 12.5
 Chris Archer12.5
 Yordano Ventura 12.5
 Edinson Volquez 10.5
 Colin McHugh 12.5
 Shelby Miller 11.5
 Madison Bumgarner 15.5
 Max Scherzer 14.5
 Felix Hernandez 14.5
 Jacob deGrom 13.5
 Gerrit Cole 14.5
 Zack Greinke 14.5
 Noah Syndergaard 12.5
 Johnny Cueto 12.5
 Corey Kluber 13.5
 Garrett Richards 12.5
 Jose Fernandez 11.5
 Tyson Ross 11.5
 Lace McCullers 11.5
 Marcus Stroman 12.5
 Jordan Zimmerman 12.5