Below you’ll find the consensus picks for the 2016 NFL Draft based on trusted mock drafts from around the web.  We want to include your mock draft in our consensus!  Please contact us at:  [email protected] with your request and a link to your mock draft.

2016 NFL Mock Draft Consensus Picks

QB Carson Wentz is the favorite to be the No. 1 pick in the draft by the Rams, however, Jared Goff has been making some headway in some updated mocks.

*UPDATE*  This has been a crazy year for trades in the draft.  Late yesterday the Philadelphia Eagles traded up to get the second overall pick from the Browns.

Few of the sites below have updated their picks as of now, so we are leaving it alone until more have adjusted for the trade.  The same thing happened when the Rams traded up a few weeks ago!

Check back in a day or two and we’ll have the updated results!

PickPick 1Pick 2Pick 3Pick 4Pick 5Pick 6Pick 7*Pick 8Pick 9Pick 10Pick 11Pick 12Pick 13Pick 14Pick 15Pick 16Pick 17Pick 18Pick 19Pick 20Pick 21Pick 22Pick 23Pick 24Pick 25Pick 26Pick 27Pick 28Pick 29Pick 30Pick 31
Consensus PickCarson WentzJared GoffLaremy TunsilJalen RamseyMyles JackJoey BosaRonnie StanleyEzekiel ElliottVernon HargreavesRonnie StanleyLeonard FloydSheldon RankinsEli AppleSheldon RankinsJack ConklinTaylor DeckerDarron LeeTaylor DeckerReggie RaglandPaxton LynchA’Shawn RobinsonCorey ColemanLaquon TreadwellJosh DoctsonWilliam Jackson IIIRobert NkemdicheReggie RaglandWilliam Jackson IIIPaxton LynchKevin DoddConnor Cook
% Consensus75%61%61%46%50%39%21%61%36%29%25%32%18%25%39%18%39%25%18%32%18%25%32%25%25%18%21%21%14%14%14%

Consensus Site List

SiteUpdatedPick 1Pick 2Pick 3Pick 4Pick 5Pick 6Pick 7Pick 8Pick 9Pick 10Pick 11Pick 12Pick 13Pick 14Pick 15Pick 16Pick 17Pick 18Pick 19Pick 20Pick 21Pick 22Pick 23Pick 24Pick 25Pick 26Pick 27Pick 28Pick 29Pick 30Pick 31
Chicago Now4/20Carson WentzMyles JackJalen RamseyDeForest BucknerLaremy TunsilJared GoffEzekiel ElliottShaq LawsonShaq LawsonReggie RaglandRonnie StanleyLaquon TreadwellVernon HargreavesA’Shawn RobinsonJack ConklinWilliam FullerDarron LeeTaylor DeckerSheldon RankinsLeonard FloydKevin DoddWilliam Jackson IIIJarran ReedEli AppleVonn BellArtie BurnsJason SpriggsPaxton LynchMackensie AlexanderRobert NkemdicheJatavis Brown
Fanspeak Mock Simulator4/20Carson WentzJared GoffJoey BosaJalen RamseyMyles JackRonnie StanleyLaremy TunsilEzekiel ElliottNoah SpenceVernon HargreavesEli AppleDeForest BucknerA’Shawn RobinsonMackensie AlexanderAndrew BillingsSheldon RankinsEmmanuel OgbahTaylor DeckerReggie RaglandShaq LawsonDarron LeeCody WhitehairJosh DoctsonCorey ColemanWilliam Jackson IIIDerrick HenryJack ConklinJason SpriggsPaxton LynchLaquon TreadwellGermain Ifedi
NFL Draft Geek4/20Jared GoffCarson WentzLaremy TunsilJalen RamseyMyles JackDeForest BucknerJoey BosaEzekiel ElliottRonnie StanleyVernon HargreavesLeonard FloydA’Shawn RobinsonWilliam Jackson IIIVernon ButlerEli AppleEmmanuel OgbahReggie RaglandJarran ReedKevin DoddJack ConklinAndrew BillingsLaquon TreadwellJosh DoctsonShaq LawsonMackensie AlexanderJason SpriggsDarron LeeRobert NkemdichePaxton LynchSu’a CravensConnor Cook
Mel Kiper Jr. (ESPN)4/19Jared GoffCarson WentzLaremy TunsilJalen RamseyMyles JackJoey BosaRonnie StanleyDeForest BucknerJack ConklinLaquon TreadwellSheldon RankinsWilliam Jackson IIIDarron LeeVernon HargreavesJosh DoctsonShaq LawsonReggie RaglandTaylor DeckerEmmanuel OgbahGermain IfediRyan KellyCorey ColemanWilliam FullerA’Shawn RobinsonEli AppleArtie BurnsKamalei CorreaVonn BellLeonard FloydKevin DoddCody Whitehair
Michelle Bruton (Bleacher Report)4/19Carson WentzJared GoffJalen RamseyJoey BosaMyles JackDeForest BucknerLaremy TunsilEzekiel ElliottShaq LawsonRonnie StanleyNoah SpenceA’Shawn RobinsonVernon HargreavesLeonard FloydTaylor DeckerLaquon TreadwellDarron LeeJack ConklinSheldon RankinsPaxton LynchMackensie AlexanderJosh DoctsonWilliam FullerCorey ColemanEli AppleShon ColemanReggie RaglandKevin DoddRobert NkemdicheEmmanuel OgbahJarran Reed
Walter Football4/19Carson WentzJared GoffJalen RamseyJoey BosaMyles JackLaremy TunsilDeForest BucknerEzekiel ElliottLeonard FloydVernon HargreavesShaq LawsonJack ConklinEli AppleSheldon RankinsRonnie StanleyJarran ReedDarron LeeAndrew BillingsReggie RaglandVenon ButlerWilliam Jackson IIIWilliam FullerLaquon TreadwellJosh DoctsonKendall FullerEmmanuel OgbahJonathan BullardPaxton LynchRyan KellyTaylor DeckerA’Shawn Robinson
Draft Site4/18Carson WentzJared GoffLaremy TunsilJalen RamseyJoey BosaDeForest BucknerMyles JackEzekiel ElliottVernon HargreavesRonnie StanleyShaq LawsonA’Shawn RobinsonEli AppleSheldon RankinsJack ConklinLaquon TreadwellNoah SpenceTaylor DeckerJarran ReedLeonard FloydReggie RaglandCorey ColemanDarron LeeWilliam FullerKarl JosephRobert NkemdicheAndrew BillingsWilliam Jackson IIIKevin DoddMackensie AlexanderPaxton Lynch
Connor Howe (SB Nation)4/18Carson WentzJared GoffDeForest BucknerJalen RamseyMyles JackJoey BosaLaremy TunsilEzekiel ElliottVernon HargreavesRonnie StanleyEli AppleKevin DoddMackensie AlexanderReggie RaglandA’Shawn RobinsonJack ConklinDarron LeeLeonard FloydSheldon RankinsTaylor DeckerRyan KellyJarran ReedLaquon TreadwellVeron ButlerWilliam Jackson IIIRobert NkemdicheAndrew BillingsChris JonesShaq LawsonNoah SpenceKeanu Neal
Dan Kadar (SB Nation)4/18Carson WentzJared GoffLaremy TunsilMyles JackJalen RamseyJoey BosaDeForest BucknerEzekiel ElliottRonnie StanleyJack ConklinVernon HargreavesA’Shawn RobinsonMackensie AlexanderSheldon RankinsTaylor DeckerWilliam Jackson IIIDarron LeeLeonard FloydReggie RaglandPaxton LynchJarran ReedChris JonesLaquon TreadwellNoah SpenceEli AppleShaq LawsonVernon ButlerRobert NkemdicheRyan KellyKevin DoddConnor Cook
Dane Brugler (CBS Sports)4/18Jared GoffCarson WentzLaremy TunsilJalen RamseyJoey BosaDeForest BucknerMyles JackEzekiel ElliottVernon HargreavesRonnie StanleyLeonard FloydSheldon RankinsDarron LeeWilliam Jackson IIIJack ConklinTaylor DeckerShaq LawsonNoah SpenceA’Shawn RobinsonPaxton LynchReggie RaglandWilliam FullerLaquon TreadwellJosh DoctsonAndrew BillingsJason SpriggsJarran ReedEli AppleKeanu NealGermain IfediConnor Cook
Draft Countdown4/18Carson WentzJared GoffLaremy TunsilJalen RamseyJoey BosaDeForest BucknerRonnie StanleyVernon HargreavesJack ConklinLeonard FloydShaq LawsonMyles JackEzekiel ElliottSheldon RankinsNoah SpenceTaylor DeckerDarron LeeJason SpriggsEmmanuel OgbahPaxton LynchEil AppleCorey ColemanLaquon TreadwellReggie RaglandA’Shawn RobinsonGermain IfediJarran ReedWilliam Jackson IIIMackensie AlexanderKevin DoddRobert Nkemdiche
Draft Utopia4/18Jared GoffCarson WentzJalen RamseyJoey BosaMyles JackLaremy TunsilPaxton LynchVernon HargreavesEmmanuel OgbahReggie RaglandRonnie StanleyDeForest BucknerEzekiel ElliottJaylon SmithJack ConklinVernon ButlerShaq LawsonAndrew BillingsKevin DoddNoah SpenceA’Shawn RobinsonCorey ColemanJosh DoctsonLaquon TreadwellWilliam Jackson IIIDarron LeeKenny ClarkJarran ReedMackensie AlexanderEli AppleHunter Henry
Jared Sherman (CSN Philly)4/18Carson WentzJared GoffLaremy TunsilMyles JackJalen RamseyDeForest BucknerPaxton LynchEzekiel ElliottJoey BosaRonnie StanleyVernon HargreavesSheldon RankinsKevin DoddJack ConklinTaylor DeckerReggie RaglandLaquon TreadwellNoah SpenceShaq LawsonLeonard FloydMackensie AlexanderCorey ColemanDarron LeeJosh DoctsonEli AppleA’Shawn RobinsonAndrew BillingsWilliam Jackson IIIRobert NkemdicheKarl JosephJarran Reed
Guys NFL Draft Locker Room4/16Carson WentzJared GoffJalen RamseyJoey BosaMyles JackDeForest BucknerLaremy TunsilEzekiel ElliottVernon HargreavesLeonard FloydRonnie StanleyA’Shawn RobinsonJack ConklinDarron LeeShaq LawsonJarran ReedAndrew BillingsNoah SpenceReggie RaglandPaxton LynchSheldon RanklinLaquon TreadwellWilliam FullerJosh DoctsonVonn BellRobert NkemdicheTaylor DeckerVernon ButlerEli AppleMackensie AlexanderDerrick Henry
Bucky Brooks ( WentzLaremy TunsilDeForest BucknerJoey BosaJalen RamseyMyles JackRonnie StanleyJared GoffShaq LawsonKevin DoddVernon HargreavesSheldon RankinsEzekiel ElliottRobert NkemdicheJack ConklinA’Shawn RobinsonLeonard FloydTaylor DeckerJarran ReedPaxton LynchLaquon TreadwellWilliam FullerDarron LeeJosh DoctsonWilliam Jackson IIINoah SpenceReggie RaglandEli AppleArtie BurnsEmmanuel OgbahChris Jones
Campus Insiders4/15Jared GoffCarson WentzLaremy TunsilJoey BosaJalen RamseyMyles JackPaxton LynchDeForest BucknerRonnie StanleyEzekiel ElliottLeonard FloydSheldon RankinsVernon HargreavesWilliam Jackson IIIJack ConklinTaylor DeckerEli AppleDarron LeeA’Shawn RobinsonNoah SpenceReggie RaglandWilliam FullerLaquon TreadwellJarran ReedMackensie AlexanderJason SpriggsRobert NkemdicheShaq LawsonKevin DoddCorey ColemanConnor Cook
Chad Reuter ( WentzJared GoffLaremy TunsilJalen RamseyMyles JackJoey BosaPaxton LynchEzekiel ElliottVernon HargreavesRonnie StanleyDeForest BucknerShaq LawsonWilliam Jackson IIISheldon RankinsJack ConklinAndrew BillingsWilliam FullerLeonard FloydDarron LeeTaylor DeckerJarran ReedJosh DoctsonLaquon TreadwellCorey ColemanEli AppleGermain IfediReggie RaglandJoshua GarnettT.J. GreenDerrick HenryBronson Kaufusi
Charles Davis ( WentzJared GoffJalen RamseyMyles JackLaremy TunsilJoey BosaDeForest BucknerEzekiel ElliottVernon HargreavesRonnie StanleyJarran ReedSheldon RankinsEli AppleLeonard FloydJack ConklinKevin DoddDarron LeeTaylor DeckerShaq LawsonReggie RaglandA’Shawn RobinsonWilliam FullerJosh DoctsonCorey ColemanArtie BurnsRobert NkemdicheHunter HenryWilliam Jackson IIIPaxton LynchLaquon TreadwellChris Jones
Charley Casserly ( GoffCarson WentzLaremy TunsilEzekiel ElliottJoey BosaJalen RamseyRonnie StanleyVernon HargreavesMyles JackDeForest BucknerLeonard FloydKevin DoddShaq LawsonReggie RaglandJack ConklinTaylor DeckerDarron LeeNoah SpenceRobert NkemdicheEli AppleA’Shawn RobinsonCorey ColemanLaquon TreadwellWilliam FullerArtie BurnsGermain IfediJarran ReedWilliam Jackson IIIPaxton LynchSheldon RankinsKenny Clark
Drafttek4/15Carson WentzJared GoffLaremy TunsilJalen RamseyMyles JackJoey BosaLaquon TreadwellVernon HargreavesShaq LawsonEzekiel ElliottDeForest BucknerAndrew BillingsMackensie AlexanderReggie RaglandRonnie StanleyJack ConklinDarron LeeRyan KellySheldon RankinsPaxton LynchA’Shawn RobinsonCorey ColemanJosh DoctsonWilliam FullerWilliam Jackson IIIRobert NkemdicheJarran ReedVernon ButlerCody WhitehairDerrick HenryTaylor Decker
NFL Spin Zone4/15Carson WentzJared GoffLaremy TunsilJalen RamseyMyles JackJoey BosaVernon HargreavesRonnie StanleyDeForest BucknerEzekiel ElliottSheldon RankinsLaquon TreadwellEli AppleReggie RaglandJack ConklinJarran ReedDarron LeeA’Shawn RobinsonTaylor DeckerShaq LawsonAndrew BillingsRyan KellyJosh DoctsonMichael ThomasMackensie AlexanderNoah SpenceLeonard FloydWilliam Jackson IIIRobert NkemdicheKevin DoddPaxton Lynch
Pro Football Focus4/15Carson WentzJared GoffLaremy TunsilJoey BosaJalen RamseyMyles JackDeForest BucknerRonnie StanleyVernon HargreavesCorey ColemanJack ConklinShaq LawsonMackensie AlexanderSheldon RankinsJosh DoctsonRobert NkemdicheLeonard FloydA’Shawn RobinsonNoah SpenceTaylor DeckerWilliam Jackson IIIEzekiel ElliottCody WhitehairWilliam FullerEli AppleRyan KellyReggie RaglandJarran ReedShilique CalhounLaquon TreadwellJason Spriggs
Daniel Jeremiah ( WentzMyles JackJalen RamseyJoey BosaDeForest BucknerLaremy TunsilJared GoffRonnie StanleyVernon HargreavesJack ConklinLeonard FloydSheldon RankinsEzekiel ElliottWilliam Jackson IIITaylor DeckerRyan KellyDarron LeeEli AppleReggie RaglandPaxton LynchJarran ReedHunter HenryLaquon TreadwellJosh DoctsonArtie BurnsChirs JonesAndrew BillingsKevin DoddT.J. GreenShaq LawsonLe’Raven Clark
Lance Zierlein ( WentzMyles JackJalen RamseyJared GoffLaremy TunsilJoey BosaRonnie StanleyEzekiel ElliottVernon HargreavesLeonard FloydDeForest BucknerJack ConklinKevin DoddSheldon RankinsEli AppleA’Shawn RobinsonReggie RaglandTaylor DeckerPaxton LynchDarron LeeLaquon TreadwellWilliam FullerJosh DoctsonCorey ColemanWilliam Jackson IIILe’Raven ClarkHunter HenryShaq LawsonArtie BurnsJason SpriggsT.J. Green
Michael Schottey (Forbes)4/14Carson WentzJared GoffLaremy TunsilJalen RamseyMyles JackJoey BosaDeForest BucknerEzekiel ElliottRonnie StanleyVernon HargreavesLeonard FloydA’Shawn RobinsonEli AppleDarron LeeLaquon TreadwellTaylor DeckerSheldon RankinsJack ConklinShaq LawsonPaxton LynchAndrew BillingsJosh DoctsonMichael ThomasReggie RaglandMackensie AlexanderJarron ReedWilliam Jackson IIINoah SpenceKevin DoddCorey ColemanJason Spriggs
Newsday4/14Carson WentzJared GoffLaremy TunsilJalen RamseyMyles JackJoey BosaPaxton LynchEzekiel ElliottDeForest BucknerVernon HargreavesRonnie StanleySheldon RankinsShaq LawsonMackensie AlexanderTaylor DeckerKevin DoddLeonard FloydDarron LeeVernon ButlerNoah SpenceA’Shawn RobinsonLaquon TreadwellCorey ColemanJosh DoctsonWilliam Jackson IIIJason SpriggsReggie RaglandEli AppleKarl JosephJack ConklinAndrew Billings
CSN Mid-Atlantic4/8Carson WentzJared GoffLaremy TunsilJoey BosaJalen RamseyMyles JackRonnie StanleyEzekiel ElliottDeForest BucknerJack ConklinLeonard FloydSheldon RankinsDarron LeeVernon HargreavesTaylor DeckerReggie RaglandLaquon TreadwellShaq LawsonJarran ReedEli AppleKarl JosephJosh DoctsonCorey ColemanAndrew BillingsMackensie AlexanderWilliam Jackson IIIA’Shawn RobinsonPaxton LynchChris JonesGermain IfediRyan Kelly

We do a mock draft every year. It’s a great tool to start handicapping teams in the offseason by identifying strengths and weaknesses. Then as the draft and free agency progresses you can monitor how each team addresses those.

A lot of our top NFL handicappers do the same, so we thought why not put together a consensus to see how different experts see the draft playing out. Thus our consensus was born.