Some sports handicappers work in just one or two sports. Some spread their knowledge over a variety of sports.

This page shows the trends for those in the latter category. If you’re the kind of person who looks at the long game, is the page you want.

We suggest you get all the information about a handicapper you can before subscribing. Sometimes a handicapper with the best record one season may finish in the red the next. This page may not show you the hottest hand, but follow these guys and you’ll be in good hands in the long run.

This is the data I generally use when determining the my list of best sports handicappers. It’s not easy to win at a high percentage and turn a profit over a few months, but it’s even harder to do over several years.

These guys have done that. And sure, a handicapper’s winning percentage around 52% may not seem impressive. But take into account that’s picking thousands of games and earning thousands in profit.

If you went through and picked only heavy favorites, you’d end up with a high winning percentage. But you’d get a tiny return on your investment at the same time.

That’s not what these sports handicappers are doing. They’re looking for ways to make you money, and they have proven again and again that they know how to find them. The data proves it right here.

If you like to bet on a variety of sports, and are looking for a service with as wide a betting range as you, these are the guys.

Remember, if you want more information on these sports handicappers, click their names. That will take you to their page, where you can buy subscriptions and learn more about them.

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