Teddy Covers is Handicapper Ted Severansky

Teddy Covers likes to let his record speak for himself. He isn’t much for boasting, because he doesn’t feel he should have to.  His reputation as one of the top handicappers in the world is well known.

So let’s let the record do the talking. On top of a career full of appearances on TV and Netflix, he has spent a lot of time beating the odds. He has been placing winning bets in Las Vegas since 1998. And given the nature of Vegas, it takes a lot of brains and a lot of success to make it there as a sports bettor by trade.

So what kind of success has Teddy had on the books? Well, in 2015 alone, he notched top 10 finishes in NFL, college football, and all sports.

What stands out the most about Teddy’s betting record is his sky-high winning percentages. He finished 2015 with a winning percentage of over 63% on his football picks.

Even now, Teddy enjoys streaks over 60% in college and NFL football dating all the way back to 2014. Those streaks have earned well over $2,000 each. And while football may be his strongest suit, it isn’t his only one.

Teddy is on a mini-tear in baseball right now, going 11-3 and bringing in more than $900 in just a couple weeks. That’s on top of a basketball betting streak that brought in over $1,000 just since the end of February.

So if we’re letting Teddy’s record speak for itself, it more or less says, “wins in every sport he bets.” There’s not much guesswork here. Winning is winning, and Teddy is winning.

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