Tony George Sports Radio Host & Handicapper Review

Tony George is a handicapper with a big public persona and more than two decades of experience. If the name is familiar to you, it might be because you’ve heard one of his shows on ESPN or Yahoo Sports. It might also be because you’re familiar with his company, Tony George Sports.

As someone who operates in such a public capacity, he cares about ethics and integrity. He is open about how and why he makes his picks, and puts them out at a low volume.

A big part of his method is about money management. He rates his picks so that newer sports bettors know how to manage their bankroll. That helps mitigate risk and maximize profit. Maximizing profit is why he never takes a line bigger than -150. Because Tony is all about risk/reward, those heavy favorite bets just aren’t worth it to him.  That is why he’s considered such a top handicapper.

Because of his profit-maximizing efforts, he is riding long profitable streaks in every sport. Over all sports, he is 243-198, good for $2,800 since September 2015.

A big part of that is his NFL betting. He went 52-28 during the last NFL season. That’s a 65% win rate, with which he made over $2,100. Riding that streak, he finished #7 in 2015 for NFL.

And that’s only one of his documented top 10 finishes in a list of over 60. Tony George has been getting it done for years, and he keeps bettors coming back with results. He’s a great choice for beginners and veterans alike with his no-hassle, no-nonsense approach.

You can find more from Tony at Tony George Sports.

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