Our Review of Sports Handicapping Expert Trev Rogers

Trev Rogers prides himself on being a jack of all sports. Sure, he’ll streak harder in some sports than others here and there. But at the end of the day, Trev is going to increase your bankroll regardless of what you’re betting.  He truly is one of the best handicappers in the world.

He has a long history of pretty outlandish results in a variety of sports. He once posted a completely free season of MLB picks in which he profited in 20 of 26 weeks. He once hit 67% of his picks on 80 picks during the NBA playoffs. More recently than that, he went 61% on his NFL picks for the season, including an 11-4 record on his top picks.

His record over all sports is impressive to say the least. He has notched 10 different top 5 finishes on our site just since 2012. That includes a #1 season in 2014 in which he was the best handicapper around.

Trev earned a #2 MLB ranking in 2014 and a #5 ranking in 2013.  In those back-to-back years here helped $100 per game bettors cash in over $6,500!

Looking at his more recent work, he is running an unreal tear in his basketball picks. He hit 70% of his picks from mid-March 2016, going on a 57-24 streak. That streak was worth over $3,100 in just about three months. A huge part of that was a massive 22-7 tear through March Madness, so you know he comes up big in the biggest games.

He’s also going 51-36 for over $1,000 profit in the last month of MLB betting. So it’s a good time to get on board the hot streak. Regardless of what your sport is, Trev has you covered and will help you cover.

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