Bryan Leonard is an experienced handicapper who has been doing this for¬†31 years. You don’t stay in the handicapping business for 31 years without doing something right. Having several top 10 finishes in both football and basketball since 2010 confirms it.

Bryan is a low-volume handicapper who focuses on smart, profitable picks. In 2011, when he was the ninth-ranked handicapper in all sports, he only laid down 401 picks all year. That’s just over one pick per day. But he won 54.6% of those picks and made about $2,700, so it’s nothing to turn your nose up at.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little you bet, all that matters in sports betting is if you win and make money. ¬†Bryan has proven time and again he knows how to do exactly that. His style should be attractive to conservative bettors. Sometimes you don’t have the time or the means to bet 10 picks a day, so you want someone who posts a few reliable ones.

That’s why there are guys like Bryan, who is hitting 57% of his football picks since November of 2014. He is also hitting 53% of his MLB picks since April 2015. His profit on those streaks alone is well over $3,200.

His ability to get a lot of success on a few picks is most drastic in his NFL bets. He has only picked 49 NFL games since December 2014. But he is 32-17 on those picks for $1,379 in profit.

That’s what Bryan Leonard gets you: solid profit on a small number of picks. That’s hard to argue with.