Odds Calculator

Calculator for Sports Odds

Use our odds calculator to easily convert American (a.k.a. moneyline), Decimal, and fractional odds. You can also view corresponding odds by their implied probability of winning (expected win %), as well as calculate payouts for sports bets based on the amount wagered ($100.00 is used by default).

How to Use the Odds Calculator

Enter the odds in your preferred format and instantly view how they are converted into other popular types.  You may also manually adjust the bet amount in USD to calculate what your payout would be based on the odds provided.  Just hit the reset button if you’d like to start over.

Since not all sports betting sites use the same type by default, you can use this tool to quickly convert odds to a format that you understand.  You can also see the probability of winning that the oddsmaker implies by setting the line at what it is.  This is sometimes useful to help you understand what you are betting on.

This tool is for single wagers only.  Head to this link if you are looking for a parlay (multiple bet) calculator.