Since November of 2002, I have been helping readers like you win money with my handicapping service.  However, I have been betting on sports since the late 80’s and have rarely taken a day off ever since.  This is all I do.  It’s my main source of income.  I predict the outcomes of sporting events and if you take a look at my records you will see that I am very good at doing so.

My Approach

People call me a computer nerd.  A stat geek.  I think that if you have a reason for taking a team you have to be able to back that reason up with data from previous seasons.  I’m not a system player by any means, but if for example, you think a team is going to get revenge on an opponent, I would want to know what revenge factors are in play, and how the teams in a similar situation have done in the past.  If in the past there hasn’t been an advantage, what would make this situation different?  I would say it doesn’t.

Back when I started in the late 80’s I would single handedly enter all of the NBA & NFL box scores into databases on my computer.  I would use that data to break down what stats and angles were important to winning games and covering spreads and which ones weren’t.

25+ years later box scores, scoring margins, and stat averages for both teams and players are widely available on the internet, but my knowledge of what factors matter and which ones don’t has grown exponentially.  While the edges are not as easy to find as they were 20 years ago, you can still have an edge over the sports betting sites if you know what you are doing.

Educating the Bettor

I don’t just throw my picks out at you and expect you to bet them mindlessly.  I provide detailed analysis on why I like each game so that you can learn my thoughts on the games and discover what kinds of things I look for when finding value.

I write a lot of content on this site that details handicapping angles that you need to have in your repertoire.  Not only am I helping you win with my selections, but I’m also educating you so you know how to do it yourself.

Not many other services even know how to pick winners, let alone are able to educate their visitors to become better bettors.

Learning From Your Mistakes

I’m not your typical handicapper.  Every day I not only handicap the days games, but I look back to yesterday.  What did we learn?  Not just about the teams, but about the situations they faced and the result.  I 100% monitor every single game I bet on so I can keep tabs on what’s working and what isn’t.

You have to be able to adapt to win in the long term.  Edges that existed several years ago might get figured out.  You’ll discover new ones.  Nobody works as hard to stay on top as I do and that is why I can confidently say I’m one of the best handicappers.

Looking For Value

The one thing that will never change is value.  You don’t just take one team over another, you take one team over another at a certain line.  It’s very important to understand this.  If you think about Warren Buffet’s approach to purchasing stocks, he looks for stocks that are undervalued.  You make money when you buy, not when you sell.

The same thing works when betting on sports.  You want to get line value.  It wouldn’t matter to me one bit what teams are playing, if you gave me 2 extra points in an NFL game compared to the consensus Vegas line, I’ll take it.  That’s what we are looking for when making bets, odds that are off by as little as 1-2 points.  If you can consistently find those games, you’ll end up a winner in the long haul.

You have to take emotion out of it.  You will hit a rough stretch and you can’t let that get you down.  You will find yourself on a hot streak, but you can’t get so excited you start upping your bets.  I keep an even keel.  I’m cold and calculated when it comes to making my bets.  I hope that I convince you to be the same way so we can make some money together and build your bankroll higher than you have ever dreamed.