When it comes to finding the best sports handicapper to follow, there are a lot of good choices out there.

I looked at the records of the premium and free sports picks of everyone we have had over the past five years. I also looked at other sports monitors and trackers to find quality tipsters who don’t sell on our site.

What I found is that there are quite a few awesome handicappers out there. Some of them do better in certain sports, some only cover a handful of teams in a sport.

There are handicappers who do better at beating point spreads. Others focus on totals.

I had only criteria for putting together this list. I want to make sure that these handicappers will make you money.


Jimmy Boyd

Without a doubt I consider myself the best basketball handicapper in the world. I have a #1 ranking in 2008-2009 and a #2 ranking during the 2013-14 basketball seasons. Plus, I have 8 Top 10 rankings in college basketball, the NBA, and all basketball the last five years.


Jack Jones

Jack has had a lot of success in all sports. He currently has 18 top 10 finishes on our network. That includes two #1 finishes for NBA and overall basketball during the 2012-13 seasons. He was the #2 overall handicapper for all sports in 2014 and #7 in 2012. He is definitely someone you will want to check out, especially his free NBA picks this winter.


Trev Rogers

Trev is the only handicapper to have back-to-back football handicapping titles. He was the top handicapper in 2014, top CFB in 2012, plus in 2013 he was second in BOTH the NFL and CFB. Also known as a bright MLB mind in handicapping, you can’t go wrong with a long term subscription from Trev.


Alex Smart

Alex is a relative newcomer to our website but he does have three top 10 finishes. He is No. 1 in NBA picks for 2014-15, his college football picks ranked #4 last season, and he finished 8th overall during the 2012 calendar year.


Andre Ramirez

Andre is a Las Vegas insider who has been featured in the Las Vegas Tip Sheet. This pamphlet is distributed on the Vegas Strip. It comes to hotels like the Venetian, The M, Tropicana, the Hard Rock, Palazzo, and Cosmopolitan. He’s also been in national papers offering his betting advice.


Art Aronson

Art has only been on our website for a couple of years, but he made a solid first impression. He had an incredible run in 2013-14 as the #1 NBA handicapper and #1 college football handicapper. He was also #8 in Preseason NFL, #9 in all basketball and #3 in NHL. Check out his free NHL picks this winter. With his work ethic, I have no doubt he can keep up this pace.


Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee has been pumping out winning picks for the last three years. He was the top-rated preseason NFL handicapper and his NFL picks were 4th best in 2012. He has a 7th place finish in NBA action for the 2011-12 season and was No. 9 with NFL back in 2013. This guy knows NFL handicapping and can help you cash in on Sundays all season long. Plus he helps out quite a bit with our MLB mock draft & NFL mock draft.


Brandon Shively

Brandon Shively has 14 years of sports betting experience. But he has only been around our website for the past year. During that time he ended up ranked #3 in CFB and #3 in all football. He finished the year ranked #5 in all sports. Shively is a well-rounded handicapper that can help you out no matter what time of year. Brandon also gives college football season win totals predictions on our individual team previews.

See More: Brandon Shively


Brian Hay

Brian has 20 years of betting experience. He only recently joined our site but has already shown a knack for generating profits for his clients. Brian has a #6 finish in college basketball and a #7 finish in preseason NFL since joining.

See More:Brian Hay


Carolina Sports

Carolina Sports has proven to be among the best football handicappers on the planet. They were our top ranked CFB service in 2010, 4th best preseason NFL in 2013, and 6th best in the NFL back in 2011. Michael Blake has 20 years of experience as a professional handicapper that he can put to work for you.


Dave Price

There are few handicappers more accomplished than Dave Price. He was the No. 1 handicapper during the 2012 calendar year and has a No. 1 finish during the 2011-12 NBA season. He also has three top 10s in NFLX, three with his MLB picks, two in the NFL, and two in CFB. Dave has a fourth place finish with his NCAA basketball picks. That places him among the most well-rounded experts you’ll find.


Info Plays

Info Plays is a unique service that has sources all over the nation. Their network has helped them finish second in the NFL back in 2012. They went #2 in preseason NFL in both 2008 & 2012, and #2 with NBA picks back in 2008. Info Plays was also #4 in all sports in 2013, #5 and #10 in basketball in 2012-13 & 2013-14, and #8 in 2013 NCAA football. Add to that two #6 finishes in CBB in 2009-10 & 2012-13 and #8 in 2013-14.


John Martin

John Martin has done an excellent job making a name for himself in the handicapping business. Martin has a couple of No. 1 titles under his belt in MLB (2008) and preseason NFL (2008). He also has a #2 in CFB (2012) and a second place overall finish in 2008. Martin has also racked up Top 10 finishes in the NBA and college basketball. That makes him a guy we can refer visitors to with confidence year round. We use a lot of his advice in compiling our NBA mock draft each summer.


Kyle Hunter

Kyle Hunter has 13 Top 10 finishes since joining us in 2009. He is best known to dominate college basketball, baseball, and college football. Kyle has a No. 1 finish in CBB for the 2012-13 season, a No. 1 for the 2011 NFL season, a No. 1 for the 2010 MLB season, an overall No. 1 for the 2010 calendar year, another No. 1 in CBB for the 2009-10 season. He also finished second and third in MLB during the 2012 & 2013 seasons. In college ranks, football he’s finished third in 2009 and fifth in 2011 for football. Check out his free NCAA basketball picks this winter to get some comp winners to build your bankroll.

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Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander has 18 Top 10 finishes since joining our site back in 2008. He has shown no signs of slowing down in recent years. Alexander has proven himself in NCAAB, hockey, CFB, MLB, NFL, NBA, and preseason football. There isn’t a time of year that Michael doesn’t shine.


Mike Lundin

Mike Lundin is another new handicapper we brought on who proved to be quite sharp. Lundin finished 8th overall in 2014 and he finished 9th in MLB during his first full year on the system. Check out his free baseball picks this summer because he often posts early.


Rocky Atkinson

I like Rocky Atkinson of Rocketman Sports a lot. He doesn’t put out a lot of plays, but when he does issue a release it’s a good one. Without a doubt he’s my favorite handicapper when looking for NHL picks. He gets a high level of profits by searching for heavy underdogs and good situations. He’s sharp in college basketball, NBA, college football, NFL, and MLB as well.


Rocky Sheridan

Rocky Sheridan owns and operates Primetime Sports Advisors. His experience is indisputable – he has been betting on games for 20 years. Rocky has several top finishes on our website in NHL, NBA, and college basketball. If you are looking for a big name handicapper this winter, consider Rocky Sheridan.


Ross Benjamin

Ross Benjamin is a sharp handicapper in preseason NFL, NHL, and the NFL. Ross has a No. 2 (2011) and a No. 6 (2012) finish in NFLX, a solid #7 finish for the 2011-12 NHL season, and back-to-back NFL top 10s in 2010 & 2011.

Further Details: Ross Benjamin


Sean Higgs

Sean Higgs is a selective handicapper that has a reputation as a value hunter. He doesn’t play games just because they have big-time national exposure. He only gives clients plays where he sees an edge.

Further Details: Sean Higgs


Tony George

Tony is the President & CEO of both Tony George Sports and Locker Room Picks. Known for his consistency and respectability since joining the business back in 1992. On our site Tony has dominated the preseason NFL while piling up Top 10 finishes in the MLB, NBA, and NFL. Check out his free NFL picks for a little comp advice each Sunday.

Further Details: Tony George


Ari Atari

Ari joined our site in 2014 and has established himself as a quality over quantity type of guy. Atari has achieved a 56% win rate with his sides over the past year. He does this by only releasing picks on wagers that show a significant edge over the sports books.

Further Details: Ari Atari


Brad Diamond

Brad was impressive in 2014. After 37 years working as a sports handicapper he has learned plenty of tricks to help his clients win. He was #1 in CFB, #3 in all sports, #4 in total football, and #8 in MLB. With that kind of track record it’s safe to say Diamond belongs with the sharpest experts around.

Further Details: Brad Diamond


Chase Diamond

Chase Diamond has only been around our site for a few years. Still, he’s done a great job racking up the profits for his clients during that time. He was the No.2 MLB handicapper in 2014, No. 6 in preseason NFL for  2014, No. 7 in NBA in 2013-14 season, and No. 10 during the 2013 NFL season. He also has a No. 9 finish in all sports during the 2014 calendar year.

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Chip Chirimbes

Chip Chirimbes has been a Las Vegas handicapping legend for over 30 years. He joined our site in 2010 and has top 10 finishes in NFL, college football, NBA, and preseason NFL. If you need someone to help you make money with your football betting then you can trust Chip Chirimbes.


Don Anthony

Don Anthony hasn’t been on our site long but he has established himself as an up and coming tipster. Don has hit 56% of his picks since he joined us back in 2014. He has put together impressive numbers in both basketball and football. If you are looking for a consistent handicapper that wins, Don is your man.

View More: Don Anthony


Freddy Wills

Freddy Wills is one of my favorite college football handicappers to follow. Fred has won our top handicapper spot in both 2011 and 2009 plus had a #6 finish in 2013. He was our No. 3 overall handicapper in both 2013 and 2011 for all sports. He also has #2, (2011), #4 (2010), and #6 (2009) finishes in football. Look for his free college football picks each Saturday during the fall to build your bankroll.

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GamePlan has been providing college and NFL football preview magazines for 45 years. But they don’t just specialize in football. This service has been one of our best in baseball with a top ranking in 2013. They are tearing it up once again this season.

View More: GamePlan


Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen has been a professional handicapper for over 25 years. He has proven himself as a leader in sports information. His speciality is football and MLB action, with four top 10s in football action and 2 top 10s in MLB. If you are looking for a steady winner then consider signing up with Jeff.

View More: Jeff Allen


Jeff Hochman

Jeff Hochman is a former odds manager who knows how to spot soft lines and take advantage for his clients. Jeff has proven himself to be one of the best handicappers in the NHL and NFL. He also has Top Ten finishes on our network in MLB, and college football.

View More: Jeff Hochman


Jesse Schule

Jesse Schule seemed to come out of nowhere when he joined our website in late 2012. Turns out he had actually been working behind the scenes in the business for quite some time. Jesse has established himself as more than capable across the board. He boasts top 10 finishes in college basketball, college football, NHL and the NFL. Jesse is easy to recommend to visitors because he is highly thought of at Capper Reviews.


Jim Feist

Jim Feist has been long recognized as a leader in sports handicapping. Feist is recognized for his Pro Line TV show that ran on USA for years. Since joining us, Feist has Top 10 finishes in college basketball, college football, preseason NFL, NHL, and MLB.

View More: Jim Feist


Joseph D’Amico

Joseph D’Amico owns and operates All American Sports in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joe has been out in Sin City for over 25 years working around the handicapping business. He has been in some major publications, including the Las Vegas Review Journal, Las Vegas Sun, and Wall Street Journal. He established himself as a major player when he joined our site in 2010. He has brought his clients Top 10 finishes in MLB, NCAA basketball, and college football.

View More: Joseph D’Amico


John Ryan

John Ryan has been one of the biggest names in the handicapping business for over 20 years. He uses a selective approach and tends to be a contrarian handicapper who fades the public. This strategy has proven profitable for John and his clients. He has 15 Top 10 finishes in football, NHL, NFL, college football, basketball, NCAA basketball, preseason NFL, basketball, and the NBA. If he handicaps a sport, he knows how to win.

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Johnny Banks

You can’t argue with the amount of success Johnny Banks has had since joining our site in 2011. Johnny has won two overall handicapping titles in 2011 & 2013. He also has handicapping titles with the NBA (2009-10), MLB (2011) and NHL (2011-12). It seems like every year he’s contending for top profits in hockey. He has also done well in college football, MLB, and the NBA. If you like action, you’ll love Johnny Banks.

View More: Johnny Banks


Johnny Wynn

Johnny Wynn is a handicapper with a reputation for being honest, loyal, and dedicated. He joined us in 2012 and has since had top 10 finishes in CFB, MLB, and the NBA. Johnny is a long-term winner and someone to follow this college football and NBA season.

View More: Johnny Wynn


Matt Fargo

Matt Fargo is without a doubt one of the most accomplished handicappers around. Matt has two #1 finishes plus two top 10s in the NFL and three top five finishes in NBA. He’s also notched top 10s in college football, NCAA basketball, hockey and baseball. Here is a guy you can’t afford to miss out on. You should at least check to see if any of his free NBA picks are up during the season.

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Miguel DaSilva

Miguel is a relative newcomer to our site but has he made a big splash already. He won our MLB handicapping title in 2014. He also ranked third in 2014-15 CBB, and the 2014 WNBA season. I’m excited to see what this handicapper will do for clients for years to come.

View More: Miguel DaSilva


Mikey Sports

Mikey Sports uses a sophisticated ranking system, trend analysis and line value for plays. The results speak for themselves as Mikey was #1 in 2008 and #8 in 2009 on our website. They have top 5 finishes in MLB, NCAA football, NFL, and preseason NFL too.

View More: Mikey Sports


Mr. East

There aren’t many handicappers that have won more awards than Mr. East. He has two NBA titles (2008-09, 2010-11) and a football championship in 2008. He’s been in the top 5 in the NFL twice (2008, 2010) and three times he’s finished in the top 7 overall. A must-follow without question in my mind.

See More: Mr. East


Power Sports

Bryan Power has been with us for a few years, but recently expanded his team. Now he can offer even more quality analysis, a wider range of sports, and more winners than ever before.

See More: Bryan Power


Pure Lock

Pure Lock employs the quality over quantity philosophy. While he does not have a lot of top 10 rankings in profits, he does in winning percentage. He compiled a 100% college football season in 2006, which included his bowl selections!

See More: Pure Lock


R&R Totals

R & R Totals is a service that only focuses on over/under selections. Another quality over quantity service, R&R was our top college basketball handicapper in 2014-15. They’ve also enjoyed success in 2011-12, and 2010-11 with top 10 finishes. MLB has been profitable for them as well with Top 7 finishes in 2009, 2011, and 2014.

See More: R&R Total


Ray Monohan

Razor Ray Monohan has proven himself to be one of the sharpest handicappers around. Ray has 10 Top 10 finishes so far in his career spanning NHL, CBB, NFL, MLB, and CFB. An excellent choice for any sport that he covers.

See More: Ray Monohan


Red Dog Sports

Red Dog Sports has 20+ years of experience at finding line value which is why he’s one of the best we have. He has an excellent track record in NCAA football, preseason NFL, MLB, and hockey. If you are looking to cash in, Red Dog is a great option.

See More: Red Dog Sports


Rob Vinciletti

Earning 22 top 10 finishes with us, few handicappers have the kind of success that Rob Vinciletti has. He has profits in almost every sport he covers, including MLB, CFB, NFL, NHL, NBA, and preseason NFL.

See More: Rob Vinciletti


Scott Rickenbach

Scott Rickenbach is by far the best NFL handicapper we have had on the site since he joined in 2012. He finished first in 2013, but has two other third place finishes in 2012 & 2014. With top 10s in NHL, NBA, and college football, Scott is a handicapper that can help you win big this year. When you factor in how much is bet on the Super Bowl, Scott’s followers have had a big swing on the books at season’s end.


Scott Spreitzer

Scott Spreitzer is a handicapper with a large following due to his television and radio appearances. He’s shown his talents by winning several Las Vegas handicapping contests. He has also finished in the Top 10 of our site in college basketball, NHL, and preseason NFL.

See More: Scott Spreitzer


Stephen Nover

Stephen Nover has been a professional handicapper since 1999. In that time, he has authored three books on sports betting. Nover talks sports betting at UNLV as host of the Sunday Night Stardust Line radio show. Nover has two top 10s in NFL action, plus high finishes in both CBB and the NBA.

See More: Stephen Nover


Steve Janus

Steve Janus is the president of SportsCapping.com and an established handicapper himself. Steve has 10 top 10s across CFB, preseason NFL, NFL, and the NBA.

See More: Steve Janus


Steve Merril

Steve Merril is one of the best of the best. Steve has four top 10s in basketball (2008-09, 2009-10, 2011-12, 2013-14). He racks up the profit year after year in both the NBA and CBB. Not only that, he’s finished with top 10s for MLB, NCAA football, and preseason NFL as well.

Learn More: Steve Merril


Steve Rich

Steve Rich is one of the co-hosts of the Locker Room Picks radio show. He’s a sports addict that knows the ins and outs of every single major American sport.

Learn More: Steve Rich


TJ Pemberton

TJ Pemberton might not have a lot of experience but he is one of the best up and comers in handicapping. He has top 10 finishes already in college basketball, preseason NFL, and overall football. TJ is all about long-term relationships. If you become a client of his, expect the profits to pile up over the long haul.

Learn More: TJ Pemberton


Tony Bucca

Tony Bucca has been a handicapper since the early 90s and has used that time to learn the ins and the outs of the business. Right now he’s one of the best MLB handicappers we have on the site after finishing No. 5 for the 2014 season.

View More: Tony Bucca


Tony Karpinski

Tony Karpinski is the CEO of Vegas Top Dogs. Tony has a top 10 finish in the famous Super Book Contest, was a former odds maker at Picks Pal and has 13 Top 10s. He’s dominated the NHL over the years. Aside from that, he has found success in preseason NFL, NCAA football, NFL, MLB, and the NBA.

Learn More: Tony Karpinski


Will Rogers

Will Rogers is one of the oldest members of our site but that just means he has tons of experience to fall back on. He was among the best basketball handicappers last year, finishing fifth in college basketball.

Learn More: Will Rogers


Zack Cimini

Zack is a rising name in handicapping. His approach is to be selective and only release picks on games he sees prime value on. This helped him rank #7 in college basketball the first season he joined our site. He often posts free NCAA basketball picks so you can try him out before you get on board.

Learn More: Zack Cimini

Best Handicappers by Sport:

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