When it comes to finding the best sports handicapper to follow, there are a lot of good choices out there from Las Vegas and beyond.

I looked at the records of the premium and free sports picks of the betting experts on our site for the past five years. I also looked at other sports monitors and trackers in the industry to find quality tipsters who don't sell on our site.

What I found is that there are quite a few awesome handicapping services out there in the sports betting world. Some of them do better in certain leagues, some only cover a handful of teams in a sport.

Below is the list of names of the sports handicappers who have excelled over the past several years. This combines every pick they released including money lines, side, and totals.

You'll find some big name sports handicappers on this list, but also a few tipsters that might surprise you. With this large of a sample size, don't discount any of the handicapping services listed below.

If you are more interested in a specific sport then at the top of the page you will see the dropdown box which enables you to filter by each of the individual major sports.

World's Top 30 Rated Professional Betting Experts: Best Sports Handicappers to Follow

Looking at the long term results I think is the best way to find the real five star handicapping experts. Anyone can get lucky over a small sample size. If you think about it, even the worst gamblers that you know end up having winning weekends or hitting a big parlay.

However, can they keep that going over the course of a season? Or better yet, can they win money consistently year after year with their betting advice? The sports handicappers on this list are professionals who have proven to be feared by the Vegas bookmakers.

I know not everyone cares about the long term results though. Rather, they want to go with someone who is doing the best over the past year. Don't worry, we can help you out there too. Below you'll find a leaderboard for tipsters since the start of the calendar year.

Top 5 Rankings Leaderboard for Sports Betting Services in 2024

RankHandicapperProfitROIWin PCTW-LSc Score
1Alex Smart$5,669+6.3%56.0%440-34516.42
2Hunter Price$4,574+5.2%54.1%388-32924.32
3Ray Monohan$3,815+6.8%55.9%278-21912.65
4John Ryan$3,701+5.1%53.1%345-30512.32
5Dustin Hawkins$3,511+3.7%53.6%444-3857.35
Are there more touts and tipsters out there that consistently covers and can show you a profit? Yes, but if I haven't seen first hand what they can do, and I haven't independently tracked all of their bets then I don't have the confidence to recommend them to you even if they are famous. I put together this list of top sports handicappers because all of the results are 100% verified by me and my team.

Knowing how to bet on sports is just the first step. After you get a feel for what you are doing, the real key is learning how to win.

I'm not saying that it's not worth the effort to do the work yourself and test yourself, but winning is hard. If it wasn't then anyone could do it and the books wouldn't be in business. It's tough work. I think it takes a lot of knowledge and years of experience to succeed. And that's why I recommend most bettors get help to actually show a profit.

If you are looking for someone to tail on social media I put together a list of the best sports betting accounts to follow on twitter. Here you will find plenty of news updates, advice, and betting tips to help you win more bets this year.

The key is to find someone making accurate predcitions so you can go a a long winning streak. Whoever you end up going with to help you cash more tickets, good luck!


Here are some commonly asked questions about sports handicappers in general. If you have any more feel free to write in to jimmy@boydsbets.com.

What is a professional sports handicapper?

A sports handicapper is someone who does all of the work handicapping sports and then provides their picks to followers so they can tail the same bets that they themselves are making. These consultants become famous for winning more bets and helping their fellow gamblers cash more tickets. If you want to become a professional yourself then check out how to sell sports picks online.

Why do bettors want to sell picks?

Bettors sell picks because they can make more money than just the amounts they earn betting on their own. There are a lot of reasons handicappers sell picks, but mainly to build bankrolls or gain recognition to have access to more outs.

Who is the Best Sports Handicapper?

The best sports handicappers to me are Jack Jones, Kyle Hunter, and Kevin Young. I think to be the best in the world you have to make the most profit for their clients.

It's not the capper that hits at the highest rate. Think about it this way, if a handicapper only puts out bets that he thinks will win at a 60% rate or higher, isn't he missing every opportunity with an edge between a 53-60% win rate?