NBA Final Score Calculator

NBA Scoring Pace Calculator for Over Under Bets

When you bet an NBA total (over/under bet) and want to know the current pace of play, use the calculator below to quickly estimate the final score. Our score calculator uses the current rate of scoring (assuming a 4 quarter game) to project the final points for each team, as well as the total points for the game. This tool is useful if you want to know how your over/under bet is looking, or if you want to take advantage of live betting opportunities.

How to Use the NBA Final Score Calculator

Start by selecting the current quarter of the game you want to generate projections for. Then enter the current time remaining in that quarter. First the minutes left, then the seconds. Next, enter the current scores for both the away and home teams. ¬†Finally, click the “Calculate” button to obtain the final score estimate for the game. ¬†Use the “Reset” button to clear the calculator.

The projections given are based on the current scoring rate of the game. As you already know, tempo can change throughout a game, so the earlier you plug in the current score of the game, the less likely the calculations are to be accurate. The current calculator also only supports four quarter games, so you will not be able to estimate the final score including any overtimes with this tool.

Hopefully it can help you see how your wagers or tracking or if there is any value betting the NBA live lines.