Here are some frequently asked questions we get and answers. If you still need help please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I make a purchase?

To buy a premium package, you will need to register under “Create a New Account” or login to your existing account after you click on the package you want to purchase. You will then have the option of paying for your plays via Credit/Debit Card or PayPal. You can also email us for options on paying for longer term packages with Western Union, Money Order, and Cashier’s Check. PayPal is the easiest and quickest way to receive your picks. No plays will be sent out until I receive your Check or Money Order, so please don’t ask for them. Please include your email address when paying by check or money order so I know which account to upgrade.

What time do your plays come up?

By 11:00 AM EST on weekdays and by 10:00 AM EST on weekends or days when there are afternoon games. I try to get the picks posted the night before but sometimes it isn’t possible, especially in the NBA when there isn’t an overnight line. I don’t like to send plays out without a posted line even if I’m pretty sure I know what the odds makers are going to set the game at. Sometimes the plays are delivered earlier than others simply because of how much research I have to do. If there are a lot of games it takes longer and if there are a lot of games, that I need to do further research on then it will take longer. I want to make sure I take a look at all possible angles so clients don’t miss a beat.

Is using my credit card through your site safe?

It’s very safe. Your credit card information is only seen by PayPal or our processor, I will never have access to it. If you wish to view further details on PayPal’s business practices, go directly to their website at for just head to

Can I get a free trial of your plays?

The answer is only if you sign up for one of our recommended sportsbooks and make a deposit, otherwise no. I get this question a lot, but I have all my plays documented by independent sports monitors and if I can’t convince you of my winning ways through them then a week or day of picks sure won’t. My daily free pick is designed to offer you a trial to see how thoroughly I analyze each and every game I release. My free picks are simply a lower unit member play that I release to the public.

Do you bet on your own plays?

100%. If it’s not strong enough for me to put my own money on, then I’m not going to release it. It’s just that simple.

Do you provide units with your plays?

My unit system goes from 3-5 units with 4* and 5* plays being extremely strong and fairly rare.

How do I get your free picks?

We have a section on our site where all of the handicappers post their free picks against the spread. Additionally, you can sign up using any of the sign up forms on the site by simply entering your email address. This will ensure you get my newsletter delivered to your inbox each day.

How many plays do you put out per day?

I normally release anywhere from 2-7 plays per day, depending on how many games look favorable.

Do I get all of your picks with my subscription?

Yes. Your membership includes ALL of my releases for the length and sport that you signed up for. Of course, if you purchase an individual pick on a game, it is only that pick, but all subscription options include every game released for that sport including any game of the year plays.

What line do you give out with your picks?

I check out a variety of offshore books for the best available lines. The line I post with my picks is the current line at the time I post the game. I strongly encourage my members to search for the best lines possible, as 1 point or 2 can cost you over the course of a season. I do not endorse private bookies or any form of illegal gambling so please check your local, state, and federal laws before placing a wager.

What sport do you handicap the best?

I handicap all sports well and I’ll put my picks up against any other service in the country. I produce profits in all sports that I handicap.