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94/100 has undergone a renaissance recently thanks to new management, a commitment to fast payouts, and a focus on customer loyalty and satisfaction.  While no online book is perfect, we believe YouWager is a great option for any player looking for a legitimate place to bet sports online safely.

They always have competitive signup or reload bonuses running, and their rollover requirements are typically better than the average book in the industry. A Popular Sports Betting Site for US Players USA Payouts

There are a lot of good things to day about YouWager, starting with their acceptance of players from the US, as well as fast payouts, particularly when using Bitcoin.  The cryptocurrency has become a favorite of bettors and books alike. It gives you a fast and secure way to fund your account. There’s no reason to be intimidated by this new technology.  Check out guide to Bitcoin for sports betting if you are interested in learning more.  If you aren’t ready to take the BTC plunge, no worries, there are plenty of other options to fund your account (see below).

We also love their industry leading deposit bonuses and responsive customer service. Some older reviews cite that this book was overly aggressive with their marketing in the past, however, we can confirm that players spoke up and YouWager listened. You won’t be bothered by unwanted calls from them any longer.

How to Make a Deposit & Get Payouts Deposits & Payouts

Making Deposits at

Funding your account here is on par with the best books in the industry. We are a big fan of the cryptocurrency options for ease-of-use and anonymity, but there are plenty of traditional methods available to get your betting account up and running.

litecoin deposits Litecoin$25$2,500Free
prepaid deposit Prepaid Card$50$500Free
credit card deposits Credit CardContact CSContact CSContact CS
bank wire deposit Bank WireContact CSContact CSContact CS
money transfer Person2Person$50$2,400Free

How to Get Payouts & Withdrawals

Fast, reliable payouts are the mark of any online betting site worth its salt. Our experience has been great with YouWager. As we’ve mentioned, we love the Bitcoin payout option, but a check or money transfer works too depending on how much you want to withdrawal.

MethodMin.Max.FeeProcess Time
money transfer Person2Person$100$450Based on amount24 hours
 Check$500$3,000$556 days
 Bitcoin$100$1,000Free24 hours

YouWager Deposit & Reload Bonuses

The bonus offers available at are among the biggest sportsbook bonuses in the industry.  As with any other shop, your bonus amount will depend heavily on the amount of your deposit.  This book will also run promotions with even better bonuses from time to time, so be sure to keep your eye out.  We do our best to stay on top of all of the best offers and let our clients know when they are available.

Signup Deposit Bonuses

The current sign up/initial deposit bonus available is a 50% free play bonus up to $1,000 with a minimum deposit requirement of $100 (10X rollover).

Initial DepositBonus

Reload Bonuses

With YouWager’s reload bonuses you get 15% free play on deposits from $100 to $499 (4.5X rollover), or a 20% free play bonus on Deposits over $500, up to $2,000 (4.5X rollover, $400 max bonus).

Reload DepositBonus

Loyalty Program

There are many ways this sportsbook rewards their bigger players.  You will be alerted to the bonuses you qualify for or any special promotions you have earned.  You can earn points on every wager and accumulate them for free play bonuses and more!

Customer Service Contact Information

Getting in touch with YouWager is as easy as picking up a phone or shooting out an email.  In our experience they have been very responsive and helpful.  Use any of the below contact methods to get in touch with a representative to answer any questions you might have.

Phone Numbers

Main: 800-YOUWAGER (968-9243)

Backup: 877-778-9157

Local: 011-506-22-96-11-12

Fax: 866-778-9155

Email Addresses

Customer Service: [email protected]

Casino: [email protected]

Marketing: [email protected]

Credit Cards: [email protected]

Poker: [email protected]

Live Chat

Available on site 24/7.

Making Bets

YouWager Betting

YouWager has a very basic interface that will look familiar to you if you have bet online at all before.  Our one complaint here is that it is not particularly friendly for first-time bettors.  If you are a novice, it may take you a little while to familiarize yourself with what all of the wager types are and exactly how to advance from one screen to the next.  It just is not very intuitive.  After spending some time with it, it gets the job done and will be easy enough to navigate, but it is not one of the site’s best features.

For example, it’s easy to click the wagers you want, but you end up having to scroll down to the bottom of the page any time you want to continue on to the next step in the process.  YouWager would do well to streamline their user interface.  As I’ve said, it’s familiar.  In fact, it reminds me a lot of the local-style online books that have become popular in recent years.  It just does not flow as well as some of the other books we have reviewed and is this site’s biggest weakness.

Betting Limits & Odds

As with other online books, YouWager gives you the option to bet online or over the phone.  Limits are slightly different depending on how you place your bets, however, if you speak with a customer service rep, you may be able to raise your online limits so you do not have to call your bets in.

We’ve provided the limits for major sports below.  There are different limits for less popular sports and bet types.  Be sure to check the YouWager bet limits page for betting those.

Team Totals$200$200$200$200
1H/2H Spreads$3,000$2,000$2,000$2,000$500$300
1H/2H Moneylines$1,000$500
1H/2H Totals$2,000$1,000$1,000$500$500$300
Quarter Spreads$1,000$500
Quarter Totals$500$300
Futures (Championships)$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,000
Futures (Season Wins)$1,000$500$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,000
Futures (Conferences)$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,000
Futures (Divisions)$1,000$500$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,000
Futures (Player Props)$500$500$500$500$500$500
1H/2H Spreads$5,000$5,000$5,000$2,000$300
1H/2H Totals$5,000$3,000$3,000$2,000


Below are the teaser payouts for football and basketball at  These are the most common types of teasers, however, this book recently started offering “sweetheart” teasers in both sports, as well as a 21 point “Blackjack Teaser” in football.  Check the rules and payouts here if that is the kind of bet you might be interested in.

# Teams6 pts6½ pts7 pts
2 teams10 to 1110 – 1210 – 13
3 teams165 – 1003 – 2135 – 100
4 teams26 – 1012 – 52 – 1
5 teams425 – 100375 – 10035 – 10
6 teams65 – 1055 – 1045 – 10
7 teams9 – 18 – 17 – 1
8 teams13 – 111 – 19 – 1
9 teams20 – 115 – 112 – 1
10 teams25 – 120 – 115 – 1
# Teams4 pts4½ pts5 pts
2 teamsEVEN10 – 1110 – 12
3 teams9 – 58 – 53 – 2
4 teams3 – 15 – 22 – 1
5 teams9 – 24 – 17 – 2
6 teams7 – 16 – 15 – 1

Parlay Odds & Payouts

Parlays at this site are pretty standard.  The complete list of payouts by number of teams is detailed below.

TeamsParlay Payout
2 Team13 to 5
3 Team6 to 1
4 Team12 to 1
5 Team25 to 1
6 Team45 to 1
7 Team90 to 1
8 Team175 to 1
9 Team300 to 1
10 Team550 to 1
11 Team750 to 1
12 Team1000 to 1
13 Team1400 to 1
14 Team2250 to 1
15 Team3000 to 1 Mobile Online Betting Site

The mobile experience from YouWager is going to depend a lot on how familiar you get with their desktop site.  As we’ve said, user interface isn’t one of the book’s strong suits, and that applies to their mobile betting as well.  If you have used other mobile betting sites, it shouldn’t be a problem, however, there is a definite learning curve for beginners.


The new YouWager is a rock-solid option for anyone looking to take advantage of good bonuses and decent limits.  While we did not find the interface to be as good as some of the other shops they are competing with, we still give the site overall a strong recommendation.