Preseason Pro Football (NFLX) Handicapping Tips & Betting Advice

There’s a misconception out there that betting on preseason NFL football is not a good idea. The belief is that only degenerates wager on exhibition games. While degenerates do in fact bet on preseason games, they aren’t the only ones. Expert handicappers like myself are more than willing to get in on the action. Simply… Read More »

2018 Baseball Managers Salaries: Highest Paid MLB Coach on Average

MLB doesn’t officially disclose managers’ salaries.  We gathered information from various online sources to come up with the numbers below.  Also, most managers also have a lot of incentives built into their contracts.  This means the numbers below may not represent their actual compensation. From what we could find, Joe Maddon, Mike Scioscia and Bruce Bochy are… Read More »

MLB Betting: Baseball Runline vs Moneyline

When it comes to betting on baseball you have two primary options for betting sides.  The first, and most common, is the moneyline.  The other option is to bet what is called the runline.  Both options can present some unique opportunities.  Let’s look at what each bet type entails and explore which is the better… Read More »

Betting Sports Offshore: Why to Use Online Gambling Sites

To the uninitiated, offshore betting can seem a bit mysterious.  Here, you will find answers to the most common questions customers have about using an online betting site.  We will also cover the pros and cons to opening up an account, plus point you in the right direction should you want to get started betting… Read More »