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You only want to bet at trusted sports betting sites that will take your action that won’t leave you worried about getting paid…and so do we.  That is why we put together a list of the top online sports books and reviewed each one.  We have also ranked the best sports book sign up bonuses so you know exactly where to get the most bang out of your buck when opening a new account.

Legit Places to Bet Online in the US with Good Payouts

It’s not easy to find a reliable place to take your action.  Local bookies tend to be shady and you never know for sure if you are going to get paid when you win. That is why the crew here at BoydsBets likes betting online.

These days it’s easy to make deposits and receive payouts online.  All you need to do is get comfortable with Bitcoin.  Luckily our guide to BitCoin sports books will make you an expert on the subject in no time at all.

Biggest, Most Trusted Offshore Gambling Websites for USA Players

A lot of sites out there will promote just about any book for any reason.  Instead of trying to rank hundreds of sites (when the majority are junk), we’ve weeded out the pretenders and made a comprehensive list of only the best sportsbooks around.

Below we have ranked our favorite places for sports betting and given you the reasons why they were chosen.  This way you can find the top book or books for your specific needs.

These rankings are constantly updated and we will add or remove books based on their performance throughout each year. (Click on the book’s name to be taken directly to their site or read each of our individual sportsbook reviews for full details on each.)

Sportsbooks are rated on a 1-100 scale and ranked from first to last.

Comparison of Top Rated Sports Betting Sites for Sports Wagering

out of 100

Go to BetOnlineFull Review

BetOnline is the perfect choice for teaser bettors because of their reduced odds. Getting a few extra points off of your teasers throughout the season can make a world of difference in you bottom line when you cash out. They are also a book that offer college basketball totals on every single game, making an account there a must-have for anyone who bets NCAA hoops over unders. This book also gets their lines up early so that you can get in on the action before any significant line changes. They have been in business for over a decade and have a superb customer service record. Popular review site Bettors World has never received a complaint about them either.
out of 100

Go to BovadaFull Review

The “coolest place” to bet. This is a rock solid group that is well-managed and financially secure so you’ll never have a problem either with customer service or getting paid. They changed the industry with their easy deposit methods, but they do have low-limits on most games. If you are a smaller player, this book is the cream of the crop, especially when taking underdogs due to the large amount of “public” action that they take on favorites. Their motto is “never missed a payout” for a reason. They never have.
out of 100

Go to YouWager.euFull Review is now one of the most popular online betting sites for US customers. They offer great bonuses and high limits in their online sportsbook. With tons of wagering options including teasers, parlays, props, and more – you can’t go wrong with YouWager. They are another book offering super-fast, reliable payouts, making them a site to keep on your radar.
out of 100

Go to GTBetsFull Review

GT Bets is relatively new on the on sportsbook scene, but we’ve followed their growth and have been impressed with the multiple options they make available to their members. They’ve also built a strong reputation as a book that doesn’t miss a payout and will fix any issues you have on your account in a timely manner via their excellent customer service. A great thing about joining one of the big up-and-coming books is that they want your business – meaning bigger, better bonuses
out of 100

Go to BookmakerFull Review

We use Bookmaker as the opener on our live odds page because they are the first sportsbook to post the lines. Having an account there lets you get your action in early before any lines shift.This place doesn’t mind professional action and offers high wagering limits. Ran by the original BetCris group, this book is a rock, both financially and with their customer service team. We strongly recommend opening an account with them, no matter what your betting limit is. Bookmaker also offers a 20% sportsbook bonus on all initial deposits and is the first book when it comes to posting the daily odds. If you like getting your action in early, you really need to make this book one of your options.
out of 100

Go to MyBookieFull Review

MyBookie is relatively new to the scene, but we are already impressed with their competitive odds and aggressive bonus offers! For example, right now you can get a 110% bonus up to $2,000 when you open a new account with MyBookie. Trust us, you aren’t going to find a better offer out there! Their book is extremely easy to use and has the best mobile-friendly designs we’ve seen, making it our top spot to wager with our smartphones!
out of 100

Go to WagerWebFull Review

WagerWeb has been around for nearly 20 years as a reputable online sports book. What stands out with them is their loyalty program. They offer nice bonuses to returning players, and FREE money on your 10th deposit! The 10th deposit will be free and is computed as an average of your last 9 deposit amounts. Don’t miss out on this EXCELLENT offer for FREE CASH!