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NEW SC Podcast: 2019 CFB Win Totals The SportsCapping Podcast is back in action with your first podcast for the 2019 football season. This one is all about win totals and whether or not a team will go over or under the mark set by the books. Jack Jones and Brandon Lee will be featured… Read More »

True Home Field Edge in Pro Football Using Home/Away Scoring Margins

What is the home field edge really worth in the NFL?  You’ve probably heard many different answers from many different sources. Looking for just one number to tell you how much the spreads adjust? The public perception is that it’s roughly a field goal and that’s pretty close. A more exact number would be closer to 2.7-point… Read More »

Betting College Football Teams With Extra Game Played Early in Season

The beginning of the college football season is one of the most exciting times of the year for a lot of people. For many fans, this is a time filled with joy or even heartbreak depending on how your team performs. For sports bettors, it is a similar story. Finding an early season edge can… Read More »

Handicapping NCAA Football Totals: Profitable Over/Under Systems

A lot of college football bettors focus on NCAAF point spreads and ignore totals.  That doesn’t make a lot of sense since in a lot of cases the numbers are softer in NCAA than the NFL. First, some basics.  It’s important to shop around for the best number when handicapping college football. Having multiple online… Read More »

Current Favorites & Predictions to Win the 2019 MLB World Series

Jump to Odds: World Series AL/NL Pennant Divisional Past Winners Each year we take a detailed look at the Las Vegas odds to win the World Series. We don’t waste any time after the previous season is in the books. We continue to update this page with the latest odds. Each time we update, we… Read More »

Jazz Sports Sportsbook Review: Best Online Betting Sites

Jump to Highlights Bonuses Customer Service Payouts & Deposits Jazz Sports sportsbook has been a staple in the industry since 1994. They offer a wide variety of betting options including all major American sports, plus a world-class online casino and racebook. Jazz makes it easy to deposit and withdraw using the most common funding methods,… Read More »

Betting NCAAF Lines: Closer Look at Importance of Point Spreads

How important is considering the betting number the books set?  I’m often asked this question by clients and wanted to shed some light on it. Is it simply better to just try to pick the outright winner of the game or focus more on the line? Get Jimmy’s Premium Service FREE with his 100% sportsbook… Read More »

Number of Times Top Two Teams Faced Off (#1 vs #2) in NCAA Football

Let’s take a break from handicapping college football and look back through history at the times the No. 1 and No. 2 ranked teams in the AP poll faced off on the gridiron. For those that don’t know the AP Poll was started back in 1936. It’s basically the press’ version of their power rankings,… Read More »

Betting NFL Win Totals by Looking at Last Year’s Turnover Differential

It’s no secret. The team that wins the turnover battle greatly improves their chancing of winning. Despite this knowledge, it’s a stat that is often overlooked when handicapping the NFL. If you can accurately predict who will win the turnover margin, you are going to have a very profitable season betting on the NFL. As… Read More »

NFL Week 1 by the Numbers: Handicapping Last Year’s Super Bowl Teams

So much attention is given to the two teams that are playing in the Super Bowl. You might not watch every playoff game, but chances are you will be glued to your seat for the final game of the year. Win or lose, the two teams that just played in the last game of the… Read More »

Free NFL Week 1 Betting Tips, System & Expert Strategies

It’s never too early to start preparing for the beginning of a new NFL season. Once the free agent signings are in the books and the draft is complete, we have a really good idea of what each team is going to look like. Oddsmakers are well aware of the public’s obsession with pro football.… Read More »

NBA Game Score Calculator for Over Under Bets

How to Use the NBA Final Score Calculator Start by selecting the current quarter of the game you want to generate projections for. Then enter the current time remaining in that quarter. First the minutes left, then the seconds. Next, enter the current scores for both the away and home teams.  Finally, click the “Calculate”… Read More »