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Most people don’t have the luxury of making the trip to the big game. Those that can’t go will attend a party or hit up the local bars to watch the last NFL game of the season. Not a bad alternative, especially if you are involved in a pool of some kind.  We’ve included our favorites games below to make sure your home or company party is a hit for all of the adults present, even if they aren’t normally interested in football.  A touch of Vegas always adds a little spice to an event.

10×10 100 Super Bowl Betting Squares Grid Board for Home or Office Parties


Without a doubt, the most popular betting pool for the big game is the 100 square contest. Here’s the easy run down on how to make one if you have never seen it before. You need to concoct a 10×10 chart and number each column and row zero through nine. Then put one team name on top of the grid and the other on the side. Now you have the basic 100-square grid for your football pool.

Unless you have a wealthy group, charging a dollar a block is pretty typical to keep it fun and less serious. That would make the pot $100. The only drawback with this pool is that luck is more involved with winning than your gambling skill. Another big reason why it’s not a bad idea to keep the buy-in low so nobody in the office feels like it’s costing them more than they want to yet they still have a chance at a hundred bucks.

You can either draw squares out of a hat or sell the boxes via auction. I think a random drawing is the way to go to avoid the price of a certain box from getting out of hand. For example the 7-3 box would be better than the 8-6 grid. Why? Because scores most generally end in the former numbers. Using our grid, you could have different numbers for each quarter and the final prize. This way someone doesn’t get stuck with a bad combination for the entire game. I believe this is by far the best way to do it.

After the squares are divvied out, you are all set to go. Smaller prizes are usually awarded to the winners of each quarter. Then there’s a grand prize that goes to the person whose square reflects the game’s final score.

For those that don’t know. Here’s how you win. Let’s say the score is 17-3 in favor of the 49ers at the half. The person with the 7-3 square would win the prize. Having winners after each quarter will keep everyone involved throughout the game. Download or click and print our free 100-square pool for your party this year!

Fun Prop Bets Sheet Printable Templates & Questions

Super Bowl Props Sheet

Another thing you can do is put together a wager sheet for you and all of your party guests. Have it include as many prop bets or wagers as you would like. You don’t want to run out of ideas and thinking up all of the questions to ask can be difficult, but that’s why our template above has your covered.

You can set an amount for guests to pay to play and let the winner of the most bets on the sheet take the pot. Use a prediction of the game’s final score or some yardage combination as your tie breaker or split the pot if there is a tie.  For your convenience, we’ve put together a free props sheet for the Super Bowl between the 49ers and Chiefs. We’ve made it printable or you may want to download and distribute via email.  We will even have the results for you so you can grade your pool shortly after the game is over.

Both of these games work great for small or large groups.  Whether it’s with your friends, family or co-workers.  If you have more than 100 people, you can always start another square.