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It’s time to talk about some Super Bowl fun facts. Only thing is these types of rumors aren’t verified and need to be taken with a little tongue in cheek.

List of Fun Facts & Information Regarding the Super Bowl


You and everybody else is glued to the television set watching the big game and then it happens: halftime. Everyone runs to use the facilities at the same time. Causing your city water usage to run out of control. In 1984, a water main broke in Salt Lake City on Super Bowl Sunday. Everyone thought it was due to the over-usage during halftime. However, no real connection was ever found.


Cinco de Mayo is the number one day for avocado usage, but the Super Bowl is a close second. The game just wouldn’t be the same without a little guacamole to get the party started.


So you don’t like sports and your kids have been dying to go to Disneyland. What better day right? Most would think that there will be no one else in their right mind who would want to skip the Big Game. Shorter lines would definitely be worth it, if you aren’t a fan. Unfortunately you aren’t alone. Disney says traffic does not go down significantly on game day.

Interesting Things About the Super Bowl You Didn’t Know

Sick Day

Thinking of calling in sick on Sunday so you can watch the game? Well you aren’t the only one as this is the day most used by the general population as a sick day. Managers often overstaff. Knowing people are going to call in sick to watch the game.


Super Bowl Sunday and New Year’s Eve are the two biggest days for alcohol consumption. No wonder there are so many Budweiser commercials.


It’s rumored that lingerie sales go up a couple days before the big game. Wives across the country try to find ways to get their men away from the television set, if only for a few minutes.


Do you know how much is bet on the Super Bowl each year? In Las Vegas alone it’s over $100,000,000! By far more than any other game during the year.