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Super Bowl Sunday isn’t just about watching the biggest game of the year. It’s about having fun with family and friends. It’s never too early to start preparing, especially if you are planning on hosting.

For you hosts out there, I’ve cooked up a few party games to take note of. After all, you need to be prepared for the long pre-game and lengthy half time show.

Helpful Ideas & Suggestions for Hosting a Super Bowl Party

Pre-Game Flag Football Showdown

If you have some athletes in your crew or some old has-beens who think they can sling the pigskin. You may just want to have a pre-Super Bowl football game. Losers supply the beer at your Super Bowl bash.

Friendly Wagering

Chances are, you and your buddies have been arguing on who’s going to win. Time to back up all that smack with some of that hard earned cash. You can just bet on who will win. I suggest make a list of multiple wagers such as the straight up winner, point spread winner, and total winner. You could bring prop bets into the equation as well. Whoever wins the most bets on your ticket takes home bragging rights and all the money. Just don’t tell your buddies you’re playing Jimmy’s Super Bowl picks.

A little Texas Hold ‘em, or whatever your favorite brand of poker, is another good call to get some money flowing around. Strip poker with the ladies if you’re lucky.

List of Great Ways to Celebrate the Big Game With Your Friends & Family

Drinking Games

A little alcohol always adds to the excitement of Super Bowl Sunday. Just be prepared to have a little hangover come Monday. Not a bad idea to call in sick on Monday. Trust me, you won’t be the only one.

Two of my favorites are “flippy-cup” and of course “beer pong”. Another solid drinking game is to have a key word that can’t be said like a player’s name or term such as “field goal.” Any time the word or words are said, you drink. It’s fun to trick people into saying the words.

Cooking Contest

Everybody knows a Super Bowl party is more enjoyable when the wives are involved and having fun. How about having a wing ding contest for the wives? Whoever makes the best hot wings gets bragging rights. Even better, a baking contest or soup showdown. Be sure to pay plenty of compliments to each participant.

Madden Challenge

This is the technology age and why not get the juices flowing with a little video game session for the kids and adults. A Madden showdown between the two Super Bowl contenders is always fun before the game. Nintendo Wii bowling, tennis, etc. are also fun activities for your adrenaline to feed on.