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Chances are you’ve heard about people betting on Super Bowl props. These prop wagers are becoming more and more popular each year. Sportsbooks know people love to bet on the big game any way they can. They certainly don’t disappoint, as there’s a ridiculous amount of prop bets.

If you are running a pool of your own this year then look at our prop sheet.  You can print them out, hand them to people you want to include, and then we will grade the prop results for you!

Just looking for a list of the different prop bets available We got you covered. Just scroll down past the content and there’s a complete list of what’s out there. Keep in mind that prop bets keeping coming in as we get closer to the game.

Want to know more about how prop bets work? Keep reading. Prop is short for proposition betting. What this means is that a book will present you with a situation or event that may or may not take place. They then place odds for that situation or event to occur. A simple example that we see every year, is the coin flip. You can bet on Heads or Tails. If you bet heads and it lands on heads, you win the bet.

You might also see one with an over/under type of bet. For example, How many yards will [running back] rush for in the Super Bowl? We’ll use 100 yards as our base. Odds for this running back to rush for over 100 yards might be +200 (or 2 to 1). Odds for the back to rush for under 100 yards might be -230.

So you would be betting on over or under 100 yards for a particular player. In this example we’ve either got a so-so running back, a great defense, or both. We know this because of the odds. The books are willing to be you double (2 to 1) if he goes over 100 yards. At the same time, you would have to risk twice as much as your bet (-200) if you bet him to stay under 100 yards.

A proposition bet like the example just provided is pretty common. It’s not something that’s exclusive to the Super Bowl. You will see a similar type of prop bet like that for a regular season game. Oddsmakers simply stretch their props to the absolute limit for the Super Bowl. They can be entertaining to down-right silly.

Proposition betting has stretched past aspects of the game itself. There will be some on the national anthem, half-time show, commercials and more. In 2008 you could have bet on who would score more total points, Tom Brady in the SB, or Kobe Bryant against the Wizards. Kobe hung 30 on the Wizards while Brady tossed just 1 TD for 6 points against the NY Giants.

The odds on these outlandish props are astronomical because they are so obviously unlikely to happen. But the fact of the matter is that sportsbooks get action on these wagers, so why not keep putting them out? My advice to you is to pick your Super Bowl props wisely this year. Don’t get so caught up in the action that you are betting on every single aspect of the game. Stick to what you know and I’m sure that your Super Bowl prop picks will do just fine.

QB Props

Patrick Mahomes Passing YardsOVER 290.5 Yards-130
Patrick Mahomes Passing YardsUNDER 290.5 Yards100
Jalen Hurts Passing YardsOVER 246.5 Yards-115
Jalen Hurts Passing YardsUNDER 246.5 Yards-115
Patrick Mahomes Passing TouchdownsOVER 1.5 TDs-230
Patrick Mahomes Passing TouchdownsUNDER 1.5 TDs185
Jalen Hurts Passing TouchdownsOVER 1.5 TDs-115
Jalen Hurts Passing TouchdownsUNDER 1.5 TDs-115
Patrick Mahomes Passing CompletionsOVER 24.5 Completions-130
Patrick Mahomes Passing CompletionsUNDER 24.5 Completions100
Jalen Hurts Passing CompletionsOVER 21.5 Completions-125
Jalen Hurts Passing CompletionsUNDER 21.5 Completions-105

Receiving Props

A.J. Brown Receiving YardsOVER 72.5 Yards-125
A.J. Brown Receiving YardsUNDER 72.5 Yards-105
Dallas Goedert Receiving YardsOVER 45.5 Yards-115
Dallas Goedert Receiving YardsUNDER 45.5 Yards-115
DeVonta Smith Receiving YardsOVER 62.5 Yards-115
DeVonta Smith Receiving YardsUNDER 62.5 Yards-115
Miles Sanders Receiving YardsOVER 5.5 Yards-115
Miles Sanders Receiving YardsUNDER 5.5 Yards-115
Travis Kelce Receiving YardsOVER 78.5 Yards-115
Travis Kelce Receiving YardsUNDER 78.5 Yards-115

Longest Reception Props

A.J. BrownO/U 26.5 Yards
Dallas GoedertO/U 18.5 Yards
DeVonta SmithO/U 23.5 Yards
Travis KelceO/U 23.5 Yards

Head-to-Head: Most Receiving Yards

Travis Kelce-475
Dallas Goedert310

Rushing Props

Patrick Mahomes Rushing YardsOVER 19.5 Yards105
Patrick Mahomes Rushing YardsUNDER 19.5 Yards-135
Jalen Hurts Rushing YardsOVER 49.5 Yards-114
Jalen Hurts Rushing YardsUNDER 49.5 Yards-114
Miles Sanders Rushing YardsOVER 58.5 Yards-115
Miles Sanders Rushing YardsUNDER 58.5 Yards-115
Jerick McKinnon Rushing YardsOVER 23.5 Yards-114
Jerick McKinnon Rushing YardsUNDER 23.5 Yards-114

Head-to-Head: Most Rushing Yards

Miles Sanders-155
Isiah Pacheco115

Defensive Props


Chris Jones SacksOVER .75-110
Chris Jones SacksUNDER .75-120
Reddick SacksOVER .25-165
Reddick SacksUNDER .25135
Graham SacksOVER .75215
Graham SacksUNDER .75-270


Chauncey Gardner-Johnson5.5
Chris Jones3.5
Darius Slay3.5
Haason Reddick3.5
Juan Thornhill5.5
Justin Reid5.5
Kyzir White6.5
Marcus Epps5.5
Nick Bolton10.5
T.J. Edwards8.5
Trent McDuffie4.5

Kicking Props

Butker Total Kicking PointsOVER 7.5-130
Butker Total Kicking PointsUNDER 7.5100
Elliott Total Kicking PointsOVER 7.5-105
Elliott Total Kicking PointsUNDER 7.5-125