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Heading out to Sin City for the big game? You might be asking is where to watch the Super Bowl in Las Vegas? This will be one of the busier weekends in the city, so make sure you get a plan established early.

The first thing that most visitors think of are the sportsbooks on the Strip. Why wouldn’t you? Sportsbooks have wall to wall TV’s that make every seat in the house a good one. You also have the ability to place your bets and cash in your winning tickets at the same spot.

Vegas Hot Spots: Best Places to Watch Super Bowl in Sin City

The problem is these books fill up fast. So, you are going to want to make sure to get there early.  If this is the atmosphere you are looking for, we have some places we recommend. Our top picks are the Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, and New York New York.

The Mandalay Bay has 17 mega screens, seats over 300 people, and is a favorite of mine. Want some a little more fancy? The Bellagio has leather seats, classy cocktail service, and personal screens. Of course, most of these sportsbooks and hotels are going to be throwing VIP parties. Many of which will include free booze and food. However, to get in, you’ll have to score an invite to get through the ropes.

So, you want a little lady action with your football? No problem as there are plenty of gentleman’s clubs that will be showing the game on Sunday. What a better way to spend the commercial breaks than with a hot blonde on your lap.

Top Casinos/SportsBooks to Watch the Big Game in Las Vegas

One of our favorites is Scores. It has 500 international showgirls on two different levels. This place has over 25,000 square feet of sports and chicks to get you going. They also offer a big game party package with a free limo from the strip, free food, and an open bar during the game. There is also Sapphire Las Vegas, known as the world’s largest gentlemen’s club. You can get halftime dollar dances and buckets of beer for their special.

As for myself, I’ll end up watching the game with some buddies at my house. We throw a small Super Bowl party every year to celebrate the end of another great year of NFL betting. But if you are heading to Las Vegas, I hope this guide gives you some assistance on where to head.