Indianapolis 500 History & Trivia Guide: List of Fun Facts

The Indy 500 has become synonymous with American nationalism because of its placement during the Memorial Day weekend. Even non racing fans usually tune in for at least part of the race as it is a great chance to get together with some buddies to toss back a few cold ones. Below is a list… Read More »

Expert Racing Picks to Win the Indy 500 & Betting Odds

We are just a few days away from the 101st running of the Indy 500 at historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The race is scheduled for Sunday, May 28 at roughly 12:20 EST. It will be televised nationally on ABC. The event takes place over Memorial Day weekend and has done so since 1965. It’s a… Read More »

Information About the Race Track at the Indianapolis 500

The Indianapolis 500 mile race is the most recognized open wheel car event in the world. The only thing even arguably close is the Daytona 500. With so much tradition surrounding this event and with all the legendary drivers, every young motorsports enthusiast that has ever dreamed of blazing around a track has pictured themselves doing… Read More »

Look Back at Some of the Most Famous Indianapolis 500 Crashes

Indy Racing would not have its same appeal if crashes were not a part of it. While they are often life threatening occurrences, they are also one of the most thrilling and breathtaking events for spectators. The Indianapolis 500 is a hot zone for crashes with 33 cars on top of each other racing at… Read More »

List of Drivers Who Have Won the Indianapolis 500

NASCAR fans might throw the Daytona 500 at me, but I will easily argue that there is no bigger accomplishment in racing than winning the Indianapolis 500. This year’s edition marks the 101st running of the storied race which was first run back in 1911. Two different stints during the world wars caused the race… Read More »

Racing Guidelines & Rules for the Indianapolis 500

Like in any sport, Indy Racing has certain rules and guidelines that it calls for its participants to follow. The Indianapolis 500 also has some of its own specific guidelines that you’re going to want to know prior to race day in order to gain a better grasp of the biggest race of the year.… Read More »

Making Profitable NCAA College Basketball Teaser Bets with Best Lines

Most people familiar with betting college basketball don’t think much about teasers. These bets are pretty popular in football, but simply don’t get as much action in basketball. What is a Teaser Bet in Basketball?  Understanding How They Work For those that don’t know what a teaser is and how it works, here’s a quick explanation. The… Read More »

What’s the Right Move: Should You be Hedging Parlays in Sports Betting

A question I am often asked is, “Should I hedge my parlay?” Well, first things first, I am not a fan of parlays unless they are correlated. Generally speaking, it is not a good way to consistently turn a profit. With that said, like so many things in life, parlays can be fun in moderation. I’d be… Read More »

Past Horse Racing Triple Crown Contenders & Results at Belmont Stakes

Whether you are a horse racing enthusiast or not, most are aware of what is known as the Triple Crown. For those of you who don’t, it’s a 3-race event for three-year-old thoroughbreds. It consists of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. It all starts with the Derby, which is run on the… Read More »

Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Your Gut When Placing a Sports Bet

When it comes to wagering money on sports, everyone seems to have “gut” feelings or predispositions to certain situations that they believe gives them an advantage. The problem with these feelings is that while they may appear rational at first blush, most do not hold up, either mathematically or when tested against historical results. Sign… Read More »

Vegas Odds Makers Accuracy: Standard Deviations by Point Spread

Just how accurate are the oddsmakers as point spreads change and grow?  Most people would predict that as spreads increase in size, the accuracy of the oddsmakers at predicting the final score should fall. What we’ve done is examined the standard deviation on the ATS (against the spread) margin of thousands of games in all… Read More »

MLB Mock Draft: First Round Projections & Pick Analysis

We are less than a month away from the 2017 MLB Draft.  First round action is scheduled for June 12 at MLB Network’s Studio 42 in Secaucus, New Jersey. For fanatics that want to see the action unfold live, it can be seen on MLB Network and The draft is a 3-day event that covers a ridiculous… Read More »