The table below lists the top 25 average player salaries for the current NBA season.  The Average Salary column for each player is based on the average per year each player would make based on their current contract.  The Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony will make more than any other player this season, followed closely by Kobe Bryant of the Lakers.

We’ve chosen to use average salaries since the top base salaries don’t always represent which players are owed the most money.

Top Average NBA Player Salaries
PlayerTeamAvg. Salary
Carmelo AnthonyKnicks$24,812,936
Kobe BryantLakers$24,250,000
Chris BoshHeat$23,741,060
LeBron JamesCavs$23,487,337
Kevin LoveCavs$22,642,350
Marc GasolGrizzlies$22,642,350
DeAndre JordanClippers$21,904,013
Dwight HowardRockets$21,897,818
Chris PaulClippers$21,468,695
Brook LopezNets$21,165,675
LaMarcus AldridgeSpurs$21,018,008
Joe JohnsonNets$20,609,682
Paul MilsapHawks$20,072,033
Dwyane WadeHeat$20,000,000
Blake GriffinClippers$18,907,725
Kyrie IrvingCavs$18,868,625
Kawhi LeonardSpurs$18,868,625
Derrick RoseBulls$18,862,876
Jimmy ButlerBulls$18,467,976
Paul GeorgePacers$18,314,532
Kevin DurantThunder$17,832,627
Enes KanterThunder$17,515,007
Wesley MatthewsMavs$17,515,007
Klay ThompsonWarriors$17,244,863

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