Ticket Price for the Super Bowl

It’s hard to believe that the ticket price to go to the first Super Bowl was a mere $6. That’s certainly not the case anymore. Ticket prices reached historic levels in 2015 when the Patriots faced the Seahawks. The average ticket to see that game was roughly $4,314.

Absolutely crushing the previous year average price of $2,436 (Broncos/Seahawks). It was the highest mark by quite a margin. The closest we had seen in recent years was the SB XLV (Packers/Steelers) which saw an average around $3,561.

While Super Bowl 50 didn’t quite reach the historic numbers of the year before, it was still up there in terms of price. The average ticket to see the Broncos/Panthers as right around $4,0000.

Things spiked back up in a big way for SB LI (Falcons/Patriots) with a new record being set, as the average ticket prices were around the $5,500.

Will Super Bowl 54 top the charts once again? Let’s take a look at what tickets are going for the big game this year.

Super Bowl Ticket Prices: How Much Would It Cost to Go to the Big Game

It certainly looks like Super Bowl LIV could set a new record. The average ticket price to see the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers is currently at $6,785.

There’s plenty of factors playing into the high demand for this year’s game. For one, there’s not many Super Bowl destinations better than Miami, FL, which is where the game is being played this year.

You also have a ton of wealth in San Francisco, so those looking to make the long trip across the country will not hesitate to pay a hefty price to see their 49ers play. While Kansas City doesn’t compare in that department, the Chiefs have one of the most loyal fan bases in the NFL and those fans have waited 50 years for their team to get back to the Super Bowl.

There’s also a draw for the casual fan to pay up to go to this game, as this is one of the best Super Bowl matchups, at least on paper, that we have seen. The Chiefs are currently the slimmest of favorites at -1. If that line holds true, it would tie for the lowest spread in Super Bowl history.

It’s definitely an intriguing matchup. On one side you have the reigning MVP in Patrick Mahomes, who arguably is the most exciting player to watch in the game today. Mahomes and his plethora of weapons will be facing what many feel is the best defensive in the league.

There is a chance prices could drop leading up to the game, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if prices kept climbing.

How Super Bowl Tickets are Distributed & Lottery Drawing (Face-Value)

As I’m sure most of you would guess, there’s quite a mark up on Super Bowl tickets. Face value is $500 for the 1,000 lottery tickets (keep reading for more on lottery tickets). Between $850 to $1,800 for general admission and up to $5,000 for club seats.

The NFL gives 75% of the tickets available to the league’s 30 teams. Of which 35% go to the two teams that are playing in the Super Bowl. The Dolphins will receive approximately 6% of the tickets since they are the host team. The 27 other teams split the remaining 34%, which comes to a little over 1% each. Most of those teams hold lotteries among their fans to distribute those tickets.

The 25% that is left over is for the NFL to disperse as it pleases. They are divvied out among several groups. NFL affiliated companies, TV networks, corporate sponsors, media, VIPs, charities and fans. This distribution method creates high demand, which keeps the prices climbing.

How You Can Buy Tickets at Face Value

There is a way, however, to purchase Super Bowl tickets at face value. Every year the NFL gives out 500 pairs of tickets to fans through an annual lottery. Although your chances of being drawn is slim, it may be worth a shot since it is free to enter.

If chosen, you will have the opportunity to purchase a pair of Super Bowl tickets at face value ($500). Unfortunately it’s too late to get in on the action for this year’s Super Bowl. The lottery sign up takes place from February 1st through June 1st.

If this is the first you’ve heard of the Super Bowl lottery, it could get you a couple affordable tickets in the future. Just be prepared to cover the expenses of actually going to the game.

It’s also worth noting that the NFL has recently put a restriction on the lottery tickets. Winners are required to pick up their tickets on game day and immediately walk into the stadium. This is to prevent anyone from attempting to sell their tickets for a profit.

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