This page is all about providing you a detailed look at the odds to win the Super Bowl. As soon as the previous season is in the books, we turn our attention to the future lines for all 32 teams for the next year.

We do our best to keep you informed with the latest information. We will update this page throughout the preseason and each week of the regular season. We will provide checkpoints of previous updates as reference points.

NFL Super Bowl Odds: Current Betting Favorites & Updated Predictions

With the 2017 NFL Draft in the book, now felt like a great time to look at the odds to win it all. For the most, oddsmakers aren’t going to adjust the lines a ton for draft picks.

The New England Patriots remain the overwhelming favorite to defend their title. The Patriots odds have actually improved since we last checked. New England is now at +350, which is up from +400 just a little more than a month ago.

What stands out to me is that no other team is getting a ton of love right now. In fact, no other team has odds better than 10 to 1. There’s a log jam of teams tied for the next best odds at +1200. The list includes the Packers, Seahawks, Falcons and Raiders.

Right behind them we got the Steelers and Texans at +1600. Note that Houston’s odds remained the same even after they drafted Deshaun Watson.

The only real significant move was the Saints. New Orleans jumped up from +5000 to +3300. That wasn’t because of any pick they made. Though it’s worth noting I thought they had an excellent draft. It was the addition of future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson.

While the idea of Peterson playing with an elite quarterback like Brees is exciting, I don’t know it makes the Saints an elite team. Points have never been hard to come by for New Orleans. Their defense would need to take a huge step forward for them to be a legit threat in the NFC.

My Early Value Prediction: Green Bay Packers +1200

New England certainly looks like the team to beat. Plus, there the only team you can be close to 100% that they will be in the playoffs. The problem is there’s just not a ton of value in betting the Patriots.

Right now the best thing to do is look for value. I believe that Green Bay is showing just that at +1200. I liked them at +1000 back in late March.

Aaron Rodgers might not have the records or trophies as Tom Brady, but he’s arguably the most talented quarterback in the league. At least right now. It’s amazing that Rodgers has only won 1 championship so far. I believe that second title is coming and Green Bay wasn’t too far off last year.

If I had to pick a value bet out of the AFC, it would be the Chiefs (+2500). Kansas City gets overlooked because most don’t think Alex Smith is good enough to win it all. The thing is, this Chiefs roster is one of the best from top to bottom in the NFL. So good in fact, that they could afford to trade up to No. 10 in the 1st round to draft a quarterback that isn’t expected to play this year.

Odds to Win Super Bowl


Super Bowl Betting History: Past Champions & Preseason Odds to Win

This page is one of the most popular on our site, and it’s no surprise when you see how much is bet on the big game each year.  People love their favorite teams and the NFL in general.  When the end of the season gets here they want one last grab for gambling action.  Otherwise they will have to wait seven months for a new season to begin.

Once the teams are set we will have a list of game props for those of you who are interested.  It doesn’t matter if you like to bet on them or are wanting to put a list together for any parties you might have.  We will have you covered.

I like reviewing these odds and comparing them to the game spreads each week.  Is there a reason a team is favored that has worse line to win it all?  It might be the schedule, some injury, or just a public bias.

Before the season starts we like to find win totals that might be profitable.  One way you can do this by comparing teams with similar championship odds.  Sometimes you’ll find drastic differences in expected victories.  There is more than one way to put a futures bet on a team you like.

Previous Super Bowl Results

YearTeamPreseason Odds
2017New England Patriots+600
2016Denver Broncos+900
2015New England Patriots+650
2014Seattle Seahawks+800
2013Baltimore Ravens+1800
2012New York Giants+2200
2011Green Bay Packers+1100
2010New Orleans Saints+2000
2009Pittsburgh Steelers+1800
2008New York Giants+3000
2007Indianapolis Colts+600
2006Pittsburgh Steelers+1200
2005New England Patriots+600
2004New England Patriots+1500
2003Tampa Bay Buccaneers+1200
2002New England Patriots+6000

Over the previous 15 years the New England Patriots have pulled the biggest upset, that was back in 2002.  It comes as no surprise that they were a 14 point underdog in the game, and were not even likely to win the AFC.  That championship game was the infamous tuck rule game where Brady and company upset the Oakland Raiders.

You can also check out what the point spreads and totals were for each game on our Super Bowl line history page.  We include score results and opponents to give you the complete picture.

The odds on next year’s Super Bowl are typically released the day after the current one is complete.  We will keep an archived list so everyone can compare the current ones listed at the top of this page.

Some other key dates are right after the NFL draft, and if there are any coaching changes.  The numbers will move during the season when the Vegas odds makers have had a chance to see the teams in action.  We will also keep an archived version of the odds after some of these key dates.