The NCAA Tournament is considered by many to be the greatest sporting event of the year. While some would argue the Super Bowl is at the top of the list, it’s just one game. And, the ticket prices reflect that scarcity.

March Madness spans 67 games over three weeks. ┬áIf you haven’t had a chance to attend a tournament game, I recommend adding it to your bucket list. Watching the action unfold on the TV is great, but it fails in comparison to seeing it play out live.

A lot of people think attending a session will cost an arm and a leg, but that’s not the case. If you are thinking about going to a game this year or just want to see how much it would cost. I’ve looked up the minimum and maximum prices at each location.

Ticket Prices for Each Round Of NCAA Tournament During March Madness

Keep in mind that ticket prices will fluctuate based on the teams that get seeded into each location. The closer the teams playing are to the host city, the more you can expect to pay.

It’s also a good idea to do some research on your own and compare prices at different ticket brokers. You can also gamble and try to scalp tickets the day of the game.

First Four

People are still adjusting to the First Four and it’s importance. Many bracket contests don’t even require that you pick these games.

That doesn’t mean these games aren’t worth attending if you live around the Dayton area.

I’ll admit there’s not a lot to get excited about watching two No. 16 seeds battle it out. However, there’s typically some entertaining games between a couple No. 11 or No. 12 seeds.

The First Four takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday. You can purchase tickets for all 4 games (all sessions), or by individual sessions.

LocationTicket TypeMin PriceMax Price
DaytonAll Sessions$150$472
DaytonSession 1$30$132
DaytonSession 2$30$158

First & Second Rounds

Each year there are eight different locations that host the first two rounds of the Big Dance.

There are six games held at each location. Four of those games come in the first round and then two more in round two.

You have four different options for purchasing tickets at each location.

The four first round games are split up into two-game packs. The first two are included in session one and the next two in session two. Those that want the two games either on Saturday or Sunday, need to purchase session three.

If your team isn’t in the top 6, history says they likely won’t make the following weekend. This might be your only chance to see them in March Madness.

LocationTicket TypeMin PriceMax Price
BuffaloSession 1$130$265
BuffaloSession 2$121$265
BuffaloSession 3$189$495
MilwaukeeSession 1$45$45
MilwaukeeSession 2$225$405
MilwaukeeSession 3$135$630
OrlandoSession 1$45$167
OrlandoSession 2$117$405
OrlandoSession 3$90$540
Salt Lake CitySession 1$122$122
Salt Lake CitySession 2$81$144
Salt Lake CitySession 3$167$585
GreenvilleSession 1$149$225
GreenvilleSession 2$292$292
GreenvilleSession 3$248$585
IndianapolisSession 1$151$282
IndianapolisSession 2$215$286
IndianapolisSession 3$238$710
TulsaSession 1$45$250
TulsaSession 2$89$248
TulsaSession 3$104$293
SacramentoSession 1$60$270
SacramentoSession 2$77$450
SacramentoSession 3$113$585

Regionals (Sweet 16 & Elite 8)

As you would expect, the deeper we get into the tournament, the more expensive the tickets are going to be.

I love the opening round action and all the upsets that come with it, but brackets are made in week two.

There are four regional locations, one for each region. Each location gets to host three games. The two Sweet 16 matchups and the Elite 8 contest.

Session one includes both of the Sweet 16 games, while session two is just for the Elite 8. If you want to go to all three games, you are going to want the all sessions pass.

LocationRegionTicket TypeMin PriceMax Price
New York CityEastAll Sessions$700$3,465
New York CityEastSemifinals$275$2,070
New York CityEastFinals$305$1,845
San JoseWestAll Sessions$280$2,325
San JoseWestSemifinals$135$650
San JoseWestFinals$145$700
MemphisSouthAll Sessions$275$2,500
Kansas CityMidwestAll Sessions$350$1,850
Kansas CityMidwestSemifinals$229$925
Kansas CityMidwestFinals$245$1,015

Final 4 & Championship Game

If you have the cash to spare and want to go all out, it doesn’t get any better than the Final Four and Championship Game.

This year’s Final Four will be held at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

If you are even considering about going, I recommend buying your tickets early. If it ends up being teams you aren’t interested in, you should have no problem selling your tickets.

LocationTicket TypeMin PriceMax Price
GlendaleAll Sessions$375$22,650