Wager Web Review

Looking to open up a new sportsbook account? I’ve put together an in-depth review of WagerWeb to show why they are worth considering.

WagerWeb joined the industry back in 1994 and has improved considerably over the years. I’ll be the first to say it wasn’t one my top choices when it first started. That’s simply not the case anymore. This book has stepped up it’s game to deliver an amazing betting experience.

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WagerWeb’s Customer Service, Support, Full & Mobile Sites Are Legit

This site simply has everything you are looking for when it comes to betting on sports. They have excellent customer service, an easy to use interface, great mobile experience and competitive odds.

What sets them apart from the rest is their loyalty program. If you are looking for a site that rewards you for your service with them, this needs to be your top option. You earn rewards on every bet you make, regardless if you win or lose.

You also can’t overlook their dedication to providing you with top notch customer service. Their quick to respond to any problem and make it a priority to make sure you are satisfied.

Depositing Money Into WagerWeb is Safe & Easy


Like all great sportsbooks, WagerWeb delivers a wide variety of deposit options. Most importantly, the process is easy to navigate and funds are immediately available.

You can easily add funds to your account with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard accepted). For those of you who don’t like giving out this information, there’s plenty of other options. You can deposit using BitCoin, money transfer, money gram, cashier’s check or bank wire.

Any fees that are associated with a deposit are reimbursed by the site. I’ll be the first to say I’m not a fan of fees when making a deposit, but as long as the money is added back it’s not a huge deal. 

Making Bets Using Unique Betting Lines & Odds

As previously mentioned, the betting interface is extremely easy to use. If you have any experience placing wagers online, you won’t have any problems. There’s a “Live Help” feature available on the site for those who need assistance.

Once you have it down, you will have no problem getting your bets placed in no time. This is definitely a plus for those of you who are always on the go.

Your account info can be accessed without any problem. They give a detailed report of your balance, freeplay money and rewards status.

A big improvement with WagerWeb over the last couple of years is the time in which they release their odds. They use to be one of the slowest in the business at making their lines available, but that has changed.

That’s not to say you might not have to wait longer than others. If betting lines early is a must for you, you might to go a different direction. Just check out our full list of sportbook reviews.

As far as limits are concerned. WagerWeb has a minimum $2 bet for all sports wagers. This is slightly more than your standard $1 minimum on other sites. Nothing to be concerned about if you are a big player.

One area of concern for me with this site is their limits are much lower than other top sites. The biggest bet you can make is $5,000 and that’s only on NFL spreads. NFL money lines are just $4,000 and totals are capped at $3,000.

NCAAF has a max bet of $4,000 on spreads, but most other major sports are limited to $3,000. Smaller market sports are much lower at just $1,000. They also have a $500 limit on most prop and halftime lines.

Safe to say that this site is built more for the recreational user. Whether it’s a good fit, really comes down to how big of a player you are.

Payout Methods, Cashouts, and Withdrawals – Best with Bitcoin

The ease of getting money out of your account is a critical component of any review. I would rank WagerWeb right in the middle of the pack in this department.

BitCoin and a sport book transfer are the only options without a fee. To get money via a check it will cost you $50 and requires a minimum of $500. For a bank wire there’s a $75 fee and starts at $10,000.

What saves this site, is they offer one free payout every 30 days. I’ve provided a list of all the options for this above. The longest you would have to wait is 15 days, which is more than fair at no cost to you. The only problem I have is the minimums to withdraw are a bit high.



This is where WagerWeb makes up for anything else that they might be lacking in. Their loyalty program is one of the best in the business and they don’t slack in the bonus department.

As you can see, they have a few different options for their bonus. Each offer has the option of taking either a certain percentage of cash back or free play bonus. For example, the “Welcome Bonus” is either 50% cash or 75% free play with a 15x rollover.

Mobile Betting

If you are someone like me, being able to place wagers using your mobile device is a must. A poor mobile experience can ruin what may otherwise be a great sportsbook. WagerWeb definitely doesn’t slack in this area.

I find their mobile site very easy to use. They also have an app available for all iPhone and Android users.

Basic Information

Phone: 1-800-397-4319

Open Since: 1994

Minimum Deposit: $17

Minimum Wager: $2

Bonuses: 50% Cash or 75% Free Play with 15x rollover

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