Review of Jesse “The Iceman” Schule Sports Handicapping Service

Jesse “The Iceman” Schule is a solid sports handicapper in the sports you’d expect. He bets baseball, football, basketball and hockey with high rates of success.

But Jesse’s biggest claim to fame is definitely the 2014 World Cup, where he was just fire at every stage. He called 7 of 8 group winners on the way to going 26-10 throughout the tournament. Oh, and we should mention he nailed a huge futures bet on Germany to win the whole thing.

Next time you see an international soccer tourney on the horizon, you should see what Jesse has to say about it.

But what about the 4 years between World Cups? He’s doing just fine in every other sport as well. In fact, he is on a 60% run over his last 424 picks, with more than $3,800 profit to his name.

That run is thanks in part to awesome runs in NBA (61%), and MLB (68%!), that have earned over $4,500 combined.

How about if betting (American) football is your thing? You could do a lot worse than the guy who finished #3 in football capping in 2013. The bottom line is, Jesse is a reliable capper in a lot of sports, and a savant in some others won’t touch.

Jesse doesn’t subscribe to any stringent capping strategies. He relies on his memory and analysis to identify emerging trends before the public catches on. More important, he catches them before the sportsbooks do, and that’s where the money is.

Jesse’s is a good capper to subscribe to even if you don’t want to bet soccer. But if you do, he’s an absolute must.

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