Review of Sports Handicapper Dave Price of Priceless Picks

Want to know why Price is a top-rated baseball handicapper?  He has three top 7 finishes on our site going back to 2009.  He was third in ’09, fourth in ’12, and seventh in ’11.

And Dave is at it again this baseball season, sporting a 107-73 streak dating back to last June. Bettors who have jumped on board his 59% streak have made $2,264 in profit, and he shows no signs of stopping.

But as good as he is in baseball, he does more than just that. He has the distinction of being the top handicapper in all sports in 2012. He went 567-455 in 2012, earning his bettors about $6,000 in profit.

He rode a #4 finish in MLB betting that year to his strong finish. But he also finished #1 in NBA betting over the 2011-2012. So his versatility can make you money in just about any sport.

Dave has too many top 10 finishes since 2009 to list here, but how is he doing lately? Since late 2014, he is 113-92 in his top NBA picks and 79-64 in NFL picks. Both sets of picks have pulled in around $1,000.

Dave uses all kinds of data to make his picks, from player matchups to weather reports. And when he makes a pick, he makes sure to explain to you exactly what his rationale is, so you can decide for yourself.

Why does he do that? It’s because Dave isn’t just about results. He’s about integrity and treating his subscribers with respect. He just wins a whole lot along the way, and you can come along for the ride.

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