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More and more, MMA fighting is the premiere combat sport when it comes to sports betting.

While not all of our handicappers cover MMA fights, you can be confident the ones that do know their stuff. And this is where you can find their MMA handicapping opinions.

With every pick on every page, you will see the time of the pick as well as the odds the expert uses. You can see our experts use the exact same MMA betting lines as you do. There’s no point in following an MMA handicapper if they’re not playing by the same rules, right?

Picking the Right Expert

There are as many different ways to do MMA betting as there are people to bet on it. Part of successful sports betting is finding an expert that aligns with your philosophy.

Some MMA handicappers focus on locks for big-money fights. Some look only at UFC fights, and some look at several MMA organizers. Some look for upsets on undercard fights, or bet the entire card looking for a profit.  Which of these styles best fits you is your decision.

Improving Your Own Handicapping

We don’t just want you to follow our advice, we want you to enjoy making your own picks as well.

We hope these resources provide what you need to have enjoy and be successful in MMA handicapping. Of course, if there’s anything else you have questions about, contact us at