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Rob Vinciletti



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Steve Janus

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Red Dog Sports

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There are so many soccer games going on in the world, it’s impossible to bet on them all.

Luckily, you don’t have to. Our soccer handicapping experts pick the most secure locks, and the most probable upsets.

Every pick you see on this page comes from a handicapping expert. Those picks also come with information about when the pick went in, and what the odds were at the time. That way, you can see our experts play by the same rules you do.

Picking the Right Expert

There are more soccer games and leagues to bet than any one person can keep track of. So it makes sense then that there is also a wide variety of soccer handicapping styles.

No expert is the same, and no bettor is the same. We give you the tools to find an expert to follow who matches your style.

If you want a soccer handicapping expert with a history of success, give a look to our long-term trends page.

If you’re more concerned with who’s on a current hot streak, you can see the leaderboard for this year.

If you’re looking for an extra edge, have a look at our recommended soccer handicappers. These are the guys with proven track records of success. Follow these guys throughout the season, and you have a great chance of turning a big profit.

Improving your Soccer Handicapping

Maybe you don’t want to take someone else’s advice all the time. Maybe you’d like to make a pick yourself once in a while.

Great, we can help with that, too. If you need help understanding basic betting lines and terms, have a look at our beginner’s guide. This will help you understand different types of bets and how to use them.

If you’re a little more advanced, we also feature an advanced guide to beating the odds in soccer. This guide features tips and tricks on how to beat the books on a regular basis.

If there’s anything else you’re not sure about, we’re here to assist. Send us an e-mail at and we’ll help in any way we can.