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Betting on football and basketball is fun, but it’s easy to become shortsighted. Bettors often ignore the chance to build their bankroll by including NHL picks in the rotation.

We put together a list of some of the most well respected NHL betting services in the business. Our experts take great pride in helping you beat the books over the long haul.

Researching Our NHL Handicapping Experts

Are you looking to get expert advice from one of our handicappers, but aren’t quite sure who to go with?

We have all the tools you need to find the hockey handicapper that best fits your betting style.

If you want someone with a proven track record with winning their NHL bets, start by visiting our long-term results. Here, you will find our top ranked experts who have a history of turning a profit over multiple seasons.

If you want someone who is hot, just head over to our season leaderboards. This list covers the handicappers who are showing a large profit for the current year.

Not everyone has time to investigate handicapping experts. For those folks, we offer our own personal list of recommended NHL handicappers.

Once you narrow it down to just a few experts, check out our free picks page. This page has a host of valuable information, not the least of which is free picks! You can get a sense of the level of analysis each expert offers and learn when he releases picks.

How to Purchase the Best NHL Hockey Picks for Today’s Games

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It is really quite simple.

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Every day that passes is another missed opportunity. Start beating the NHL spreads today.

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