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Stephen Nover

Stephen Nover's CFL July Parlay of the Month - 63% CFL Winners!

Stephen Nover has found a correlated side/total same game parlay on the Canadian Football League Saturday card that is so strong it rates as his CFL July Parlay of the Month. Stephen has dominated the CFL winning four of the last five years, including winning 63 percent of his plays this season. So get on board and cash not once but twice as Stephen wins both side and total!

Stephen Nover's CFL July Parlay of the Month - 63% CFL Winners!
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Price: $39.00

Jesse Schule

Game of the Year (CFL) - Schule's Top Total Tests 100% CFL GOY Run!


The Iceman won both his GAME OF THE YEAR and TOTAL OF THE YEAR in 2018. He also swept the board with CFL GAME OF THE YEAR plays in 2017, 2016 and 2015! He puts his 100% PERFECT GOY record to the test in Week 6!

Game of the Year (CFL) - Schule's Top Total Tests 100% CFL GOY Run!
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Price: $125.00

Sean Murphy


Sean has OWNED the CFL throughout his handicapping career and this year is no different as he rides a RED HOT 11-3 run into his ONE and ONLY 10* CFL Total of the Year! Don't even consider making a move on the gridiron before checking in with Murph first; punch your ticket now!

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Price: $60.00

Doc's Sports

Doc’s 10* CFL Saturday Night Thunder (Unbeaten in the CFL)

The good doctor has yet to lose a game in the CFL this entire season! More of the same coming on Saturday night with a strong totals play they like so much it warrants a 10* rating. Get this game now before the line moves and let 48 years of handicapping experience work for you. 

Doc’s 10* CFL Saturday Night Thunder (Unbeaten in the CFL)
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Price: $39.95

How You Can Profit Betting Our CFL Selections Against the Spread

There’s no denying the CFL is not as popular as the NFL or NCAA football. For a lot of people it’s just not that accessable.

Here in the states pro and college football is all we talk about during the season. For some the conversation never ends.

While there are a few games televised on ESPN over the course of the season and playoffs, it’s extremely limited. That makes it difficult to bet on for a lot of people to bet on.

That’s because for a lot of amateurs betting is a form of entertainment. The fact that the games aren’t on all the time and we know little to nothing about the teams or players, is enough to discourage the average player from investing their bankroll on the action.

Wagering on this sport is very similar to that of betting the WNBA in terms of accessibility. You need to understand that just like regular football, there are weak lines that need to be exploited.


Purshase Premium Packages From Our Expert Handicappers

If you are a more serious player and are looking for new ways to increase your profits in the summer,Canadian Football is calling your name. Here at Boyd’s Bets we have a long list of expert handicappers who take this league very seriously.

It’s important for you to look at the experts and see if their style is comfortable to you. That will help you make an informed decision on who to follow to get the kind of bets you want.

Our handicappers have been covering this sport long enough to have a solid track record. They also give away free CFL selections at no cost to show their expertise.

More Canadian Football League Handicapping Tips

Contrary to what you may think, handicapping is way different from NFL handicapping. There are big differences in parity, home field advantage, and general betting styles.

If you’re new to sports betting in general, you might want to first have a look at our breakdown of CFL odds and terms.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, let us know! You can contact us anytime at [email protected]ts.com.