The success of an NFL franchise is measured on a lot of things. None more so than the number of times they have won it all. This article takes a closer look at what teams have owned the record books.

Top Six NFL Teams with the Most Championships in Super Bowl History

Below is a look at the franchises that have won four or more titles. As you can see it’s a pretty elusive list. There are just six teams that have been able to hold up the Lombardi Trophy on more than three occasions.

For those that don’t know, there’s currently 32 teams that make up the NFL. To this day there have been 55 Super Bowls played. The most recent being the Tampa Bay Bucs 31-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

One thing the National Football League likes to claim it has is parity between the franchises. Well that’s not exactly been the case. The six teams below make up less than 20% of the league. Yet they account for 54% (30 of the 55) of the pro football championships.

Pittsburgh Steelers (6)

The king of championships has been the Pittsburgh Steelers, but they are no longer alone at the top.  If anything overshadowed the Cowboys in the 1970’s, it was Pittsburgh and its playmakers. Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, and Lynn Swann are all all-time greats. All three performed together on the same team, making it easy to see why they were so successful. Pittsburgh won four times in the 1970’s, winning them back-to-back twice. Pittsburgh added to their collection with wins over the Seahawks (2006) and  Cardinals (2009).

New England Patriots (6)

The duo of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick just won’t go away. With the Patriots 13-3 win over the Rams in Super Bowl 53, New England moved into a tie with the Pittsburgh Steelers at the top of the list with 6 Super Bowl victories. All 6 have come since the start of the 2001 season, when the Patriots defeated the Rams in SB XXXVI. They quickly added to their resume with back-to-back titles in 2004 and 2005. Then came two gut-wrenching losses to the Giants before New England finally returned on top in 2014. Beating the Seahawks 28-24 in one of the most memorable games of all-time. Then there was the epic comeback in Super Bowl 51 against the Falcons, rallying from a 28-3 3rd quarter deficit to win 34-28 in overtime. Now the most recent win over the Rams. I don’t think it would surprise anyone if New England eclipsed the Steelers at some point in the near future.

Dallas Cowboys (5)

The Dallas Cowboys are the greatest NFC power of all-time. The Cowboys have appeared in eight Super Bowls. Tied with Pittsburgh and New England for the most all-time. In those 8 appearances they won 5 times. This team was overpowering in both the 1970’s and the 1990’s. They made five trips in the 70’s and won all three of their trips in the 90’s. The big question is when will the Cowboys be able to get back to the big game. Dallas hasn’t made it back to the big game since their title run during the 1995-96 campaign.

San Francisco 49ers (5)

The San Francisco 49ers were the team of the 1980’s led by Joe Montana and the great Jerry Rice. The 49ers are one of the elite teams which have won five. They got their first in the 1981-82 season and captured their last in 1994. The 49ers had a chance to tie the Steelers for the most wins all-time in 2013. But would come up short against the Baltimore Ravens. San Francisco’s last title came in 1995 against the Chargers. The 49ers will get another shot to move up on this list, as they are set to take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 54.

Green Bay Packers (4)

The first powerhouse was the Green Bay Packers. They won the first two championships by huge margins. Vince Lombardi led the way as the first great coach in the NFL and deservedly owns the name on the trophy. It was almost 30 years before the Packers got back. They added their 3rd title in the 1996-97 behind legendary quarterback Brett Favre. Green Bay recorded their fourth championship in 2010. Defeating the Steelers 31-25 in SB XLV.

New York Giants (4)

New York didn’t get their first title until 1986. They would quickly add to that with another championship in 1990. They returned in 2000, but were destroyed 34-7 by the Ravens. The Giants secured their 3rd title in improbable fashion. New York took down the undefeated Patriots 17-14 as a massive dog in 2007. History would repeat itself in 2012. The Giants again knocked off the heavily favored Patriots 21-17.

Win/Loss Records & Number of Super Bowl Appearances for Every NFL Team

A lot of time we focus on who wins and forget which teams lost. This section here takes a look at the number of total appearances each team has made. The Patriots are head and shoulders above the rest with eleven trips to the title game. The next best is a 3-way tie with the Steelers, Cowboys and Broncos all sitting at eight.

As for the unfortunate franchises that have never played in the final game of the season. That honor is shared by four NFL teams. The Browns, Lions, Jaguars and Texans.

This table also shows you the win loss records for all 32 teams in the big game. The only teams that have made multiple appearances without a loss are the Ravens and Bucs. They have gone 2-0. On the flip side of this there are six teams with multiple trips that have not won a title. The two biggest losers being the Vikings and Bills. Both of which have gone 0 for 4.

11New England Patriots65
8Pittsburgh Steelers62
8Dallas Cowboys53
8Denver Broncos35
7San Francisco 49ers52
5Green Bay Packers41
5New York Giants41
5Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders32
5Washington Redskins32
5Miami Dolphins23
4Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts22
4Minnesota Vikings04
4Buffalo Bills04
5* Result PendingLos Angeles/St. Louis Rams13
3Seattle Seahawks12
3Philadelphia Eagles12
4Kansas City Chiefs22
2Baltimore Ravens20
2Chicago Bears11
2Cincinnati Bengals02
2Atlanta Falcons02
2Carolina Panthers02
1New York Jets10
2Tampa Bay Buccaneers20
1New Orleans Saints10
1San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers01
1Tennessee Titans01
1Arizona Cardinals01
0Cleveland Browns00
0Detroit Lions00
0Jacksonville Jaguars00
0Houston Texans00

Super Bowl Standings: List of Teams with the Most Rings in NFL History

This section here is the standings in terms of wins for every NFL team. It also lists the season in which each team won their super bowl rings.

Pittsburgh Steelers61974, 1975, 1978, 1979, 2005, 2008
New England Patriots62001, 2003, 2004, 2014, 2016, 2018
Dallas Cowboys51971, 1977, 1992, 1993, 1995
San Francisco 49ers51981, 1984, 1988, 1989, 1994
Green Bay Packers41966, 1967,1996, 2010
New York Giants41986, 1990, 2007, 2011
Denver Broncos31997, 1998, 2015
Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders31976, 1980, 1983
Washington Redskins31982, 1987, 1991
Miami Dolphins21972, 1973
Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts21970, 2006
Baltimore Ravens22000, 2012
Kansas City Chiefs21969, 2019
Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams11999
Seattle Seahawks12013
Chicago Bears11985
New York Jets11968
Tampa Bay Buccaneers22002, 2021
New Orleans Saints12009
Philadelphia Eagles12018
Minnesota Vikings0
Buffalo Bills0
Cincinnati Bengals0
Carolina Panthers0
San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers0
Atlanta Falcons0
Tennessee Titans0
Arizona Cardinals0
Cleveland Browns0
Detroit Lions0
Jacksonville Jaguars0
Houston Texans0