NCAA Tournament Player Pool Draft Rankings

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EVERYONE fills out brackets, but there are also other pools and contests you can get into to participate in March Madness betting.

Personally, I’ve been doing an individual player fantasy draft for the tourney.  It’s a live draft in which we go through and pick individual players.  The scoring is based on the total points scored by the players on your team.

The rankings I’ve included are pretty basic.  I haven’t gone through and eliminated players who are injured or anything.  If you see one that I’ve missed please feel free to email in and I’ll get my sheet updated.

What I’ve basically done is gone through and found each player’s points per game.  Then I took the points per game and multiplied it by the odds of each team playing the next game.

So…everyone gets their points per game average for the first game.  If my estimate showed the team had a 50% chance of winning, that player would have gotten 50% of his average added to the total.  We use the tournament odds to compute these numbers.

I repeated this process for the chances of each team making the Sweet 16, Elite Eight, Final Four, and the title game.

What I’ve done is pretty basic, but it should give you a head start.  I’ll leave the strategy and adjustments for you.

Also, my league uses the play-in games as a separate pool.  You’ll find these players ranked here.

And the No. 1 player this year is…..Alabama’s Brandon Miller.

Just hit the following link for my individual player fantasy draft rankings.

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