2025 NCAA Tournament Odds – Vegas March Madness Betting Favorites

Jump to Current Past Champions Picking the Winner Below are the current odds to win the 2025 NCAA Tournament. We will be back to look at the favorites every week of the season, so be sure to check back often.  Or you can view the latest college basketball lines on individual games where you can… Read More »

Breaking Down the Seeds: How Far Each Has Advanced in March Madness

Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of how far each seed has advanced in the NCAA Tournament.  We are focusing on the modern era, meaning when the tourney expanded to 64 teams from 1985 on and seeing if there is anything that we can use to find value in the current odds to win March… Read More »

Picking NCAA Tournament by Seed: Records, Results & Chances of Winning

The NCAA Tournament is one of the most exciting times of the year.  More than 50 million Americans fill out over 80 million brackets. That is a lot of competition. Our goal here is to help you be better than average.  We want to help you fill out more winners and increase your chances of… Read More »

Perfect March Madness Bracket: Chances of Getting Every Game Right

Whether you are a college hoops fanatic or not, chances are you will take a stab at filling out a bracket. Once the field of 68 is announced for the upcoming Tournament, it’s time to go to work with the most people way people bet on college basketball. You only have three days after Selection Sunday… Read More »

How to Win NCAA Tournament Bracket Pools & Contests

There are many different strategies for winning an NCAA Tournament bracket pool.  But, no one strategy covers everyone in every situation. The strategy you’ll see leading up to the tourney is on situational and historical statistics.  This can help you whether you are betting on NCAA basketball with pools, futures, or individual games. Strategy to… Read More »

March Madness Bracket Tips: Basic Strategies & Picking Upsets

Looking to win your office pool or one of those big contests online? This article is all about helping you pick a perfect bracket this year. I’ve put together several March Madness tips that I’m confident will help you finish near the top. I cover the basic strategies to follow from the start, as well… Read More »

Top 2024 March Madness Bracket Contests to Fill Out, Prizes & Payouts

List of 2024 March Madness Bracket Challenges to Fill Out & Prizes The NCAA Tournament field is set!  Millions will take part in college basketball betting with office pools this season.  We have tracked down the top online March Madness contests with the best prizes. Most are free to join! Top Free to Enter Contests… Read More »

Roughly 80 Million March Madness Bracket Contests Entered Last Year

Once the field of 68 is announced on Selection Sunday, it’s time to go to work on this year’s bracket and get started with betting on the NCAA tournament games. There’s a good chance if you are reading this article, you have filled out a bracket for March Madness.  For most of you, it’s something you have… Read More »

Download & Print Your March Madness Bracket & Schedule

The field of 68 for the 2024 men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament has been set. If you are looking for a blank bracket to print out to keep track of your picks, just click on the button below.  The file is in PDF format.  Head to Adobe for a free PDF reader if you don’t have… Read More »

2024 NCAA Basketball Tournament Pro Bracket Help: Boyd’s Expert Picks

The field has been set and there’s just a few days to get your picks in before the games start. If you are a picker who is struggling with filling out your bracket, I’m here to help. Not only am I one of the best predictors around, but each year I give out my expert recommendations on the… Read More »

NCAA Tournament Player Fantasy Draft Pool Rankings

Quick Downloads 2024 Player Rankings 2024 Play-in Rankings EVERYONE fills out brackets, but there are also other pools and contests you can get into to participate in March Madness betting. Personally, I’ve been doing an individual player fantasy draft for the tourney.  It’s a live draft in which we go through and pick individual players.  The… Read More »

College Basketball Betting Guide: Understanding NCAA Spreads & Odds

A lot of people love betting on NCAA basketball.  If you consider yourself an expert on the sport then you might want to try to make some money off of your knowledge while adding a fun and exciting way to watch the college basketball games with a little action on it. If you are just… Read More »

Ranking the Top NCAA Basketball Programs of All Time

College basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States.  There is nothing quite like the NCAA Tournament to take over the country’s attention during March Madness. There is a rich history to the sport with plenty of iconic moments to fall back on, but which programs have remained at the top… Read More »

How Much Do College Basketball Head Coaches Make in NCAA D1?

Head college basketball coaches have high salaries in NCAA’s D1 programs. In addition to their base salaries, coaches often receive additional compensation for bonuses, endorsements, and other incentives. Many coaches also receive additional income from television and radio shows, as well as speaking engagements. At the lower end of the pay scale, many D1 head… Read More »

Tips for Betting March Madness in Conference & NCAA Tournament Games

There’s no better time of year than March for betting college basketball. Are going to be betting on conference tournaments or any of the postseason tournaments? Do yourself a favor and read this article before it’s too late. There are ton of factors that go into handicapping college basketball during this time of year. How to… Read More »

March Madness Betting: ATS Results by Seed Ranking & Round

Nearly the entire country will be focusing on picking a perfect bracket this week. It’s reported that 40 million Americans participate in March Madness by entering some kind of tournament bracket contest. However, some people like to do their college basketball betting on the games or at least the NCAA basketball championship odds. The NCAA… Read More »

March Madness Trends & Historical NCAA Tournament Bracket Statistics

Do you want tournament bracket trends that will give you an edge when filling out your bracket this year?  Lucky for you I’ve done the research so you don’t have to. I’m sure you know to have a No. 12 picked to beat a No. 5 in your bracket.  I’m sure my upset predictions will have one or… Read More »

NCAA Tournament Betting: Final Four Point Spreads History

I’ve taken some time to put together a history of the points spreads for every Final Four matchup and NCAA Championship Game.  This data goes back to when the field expanded to 64 teams back in 1985. I’ve included the seeds of each team, the spread, and the ATS winner for all games where a… Read More »

Lowest Ranked Team to Make NCAA Championship Game & Win Tournament

One of the things that makes the NCAA Basketball Tournament so special, is the unpredictability of it. You just never know when a Cinderella story will unfold. It’s why so many can’t wait to fill out their tournament bracket each year and ramp up their NCAA basketball betting. Most of the big upsets come in… Read More »

Total Amount of Money Bet on March Madness in Las Vegas & Overall

It is nearly impossible to determine the total amount actually wagered on the NCAA Tournament. Not only do you have to track the legal wagering in Nevada, Delaware, Montana, and Oregon.  But, you can’t forget the illegal wagering online,  through bookies, and with friends. On top of that, there are millions (if not billions) of dollars wagered with office pools… Read More »

NCAA Basketball Tournament: Field Expansion Facts & Champions History

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is one of the most exciting events in sports.  That is why there are more than 70 million brackets that get filled out. That pales in comparison to the estimated $2.5 billion bet on the games.  It is one of the busiest times for college basketball betting and fans alike. You… Read More »

Jimmy Boyd’s Daily Free Pick Newsletter

Welcome to the BoydsBets Newsletter for Thursday, March 12! If you are looking for help handicapping today’s card, you have come to the right place. Jimmy Boyd is a *2x Basketball Champion* He’s absolutely owned the books on the hardwood. Between the NBA and CBB, Jimmy and his clients have enjoyed 9 Top 10 Finishes!… Read More »

Look at How High-Seeded Mid-Majors Perform in the NCAA Tournament

Jump to: First Round Second Round Sweet 16 Elite Eight Final Four Championship Last year’s NCAA Tournament field featured two mid-major team that received a high seed (1-4). That was Gonzaga out of the West Coast Conference (WCC) and Wichita State out of the American Athletic both were seeded as a No. 4. It was… Read More »

Rest vs No Rest in College Basketball Conference Tournaments

We are closing in on the end of the 2018-19 college basketball regular season. I wanted to share with you three profitable systems for handicapping conference tournament games that might help you win more with your NCAA basketball betting. March Madness is a great time of year for NCAA basketball fans.  If you are a situational handicapper it… Read More »

NCAA Basketball Conference Tournaments: 2019 Odds to Win & Schedules

Stay up to date with all the conference tournament action over the next two weeks. We have a complete rundown of each conference with the schedule, past champions and odds to win it this year.  If an underdog in a major conference wins, it can have significant effects on our bracketology. Be sure to check… Read More »

Convert NCAA Basketball Spreads to Money Lines for Win Probability

I know not everyone is familiar with moneyline betting.  Taking a team on the moneyline means you are wagering on a team to win the game outright.  The money lines are adjusted based on who is more likely to win the game (based on the point spread). Let’s use an example. A 4-point favorite in NCAA basketball might be listed… Read More »

March Madness: Final Four Sleeper Picks in Each Region of Tournament

Cinderella stories are what the big dance is all about, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we have more than one in 2019. There are upsets every year, and finding those upsets can help you win your bracket. In this article, I’ll give my top 3 sleepers (schools outside the top 3 seeds) in each… Read More »

Cost of Attending March Madness: Average Ticket Prices For Each Round

The NCAA Tournament is considered by many to be the greatest sporting event of the year. While some would argue the Super Bowl is at the top of the list, it’s just one game. And, the ticket prices reflect that scarcity. March Madness spans 67 games over three weeks.  If you haven’t had a chance… Read More »

Best NCAA Tournament Coaching Records & Most National Championships

We pay so much attention to the regular-season records and the star players that make up the best teams. We often overlook the brains behind the success, but if you want to win at college basketball betting you better not. Head coaches are just as big of a factor as an elite player or experienced… Read More »

Compare NCAA Basketball & NBA Teaser Payouts at Top Online Books

Most people have bet on, or at least heard of, teasers for football. Yet, in basketball, these are one of the most overlooked types of wagers available. And if you are going to win betting the NBA or CBB then you need to leave no stone unturned. Informed and disciplined bettors can make a lot of… Read More »

Making Profitable NCAA College Basketball Teaser Bets with Best Lines

Most people familiar with betting college basketball don’t think much about teasers. These bets are pretty popular in football, but simply don’t get as much action in basketball. What is a Teaser Bet in Basketball?  Understanding How They Work For those that don’t know what a teaser is and how it works, here’s a quick explanation. The… Read More »

Top March Madness Upset Picks & Predictions for Each Region

The field for the 2017 NCAA Tournament has just been announced. It’s time to start breaking down the matchups and figuring out which teams are on upset alert. Top 3 Upset Predictions for Each Region of the 2017 NCAA Tournament This is an essential part of any good bracket. I’ve compiled a list of my… Read More »

Best Home Court Advantage in College Basketball by Points

What is the advantage of home court in college basketball?  Ask that question to five different people and you will get five different answers.  Almost all of them are likely to give you a number between 3 and 6 points. The truth of the matter is that there is no simple answer to your question.  The… Read More »

Final Four Commercial Prices

It’s no secret that March Madness is one of the biggest sporting events in the world today. For three weeks fans are glued to their TVs and mobile devices to catch the action and find out who will win the NCAA Tournament. This creates a huge platform for companies to advertise their products to consumers.… Read More »

Complete List of NCAA Tournament Expert Bracket Picks

Below you will find Final Four and National Championship bracket picks from several of the top experts from around the web.  The top table shows the consensus picks for each region and the championship and you can find links to the full brackets from each expert in the second table. Maybe using a group of… Read More »

NCAA Basketball Ratings

College basketball can be tough to handicap.  There is a wide range of player talent on the court each night.  No matter what people think, it’s tough to see based on the eye test.  You might think a team looks extremely athletic, when in reality their opponent is just not. Another reason it’s difficult to beat the… Read More »

Best Betting Guide with Tips on How to Handicap NCAA Basketball

Prepare to take your college basketball betting to the next level with the most comprehensive handicapping guide ever assembled. Using our complete list of tips and resources you will be extremely well-equipped to take on the sportsbooks from the regular season to the NCAA Tournament! Handicapping College Basketball: Information is Power You need to gather… Read More »

College Basketball Teams After Losing to a Good Team

When handicapping college basketball you have to look at more than the obvious statistics.  Don’t get me wrong.  Statistics play a big role in the handicapping process.  It’s just there there are also a lot of situational advantages that can be found. For instance, a team that goes on the road and loses to the… Read More »

College Basketball ATS Records by Point Spread

The table below lists team records by closing line for NCAA basketball games since 2006. We’ve included records against the spread, straight up, winning percentages for both, and margins for both. If you know how to bet on college basketball then you’ll be interested in the against the spread margin. This shows how many points… Read More »

College Basketball Key Numbers

What are the key numbers in college basketball? Football gets the most attention with the popularity of three and seven.  But, it’s important to know which margins occur the most often in every sport. This can help you make better teaser bets. You can also take advantage of certain point spreads to increase your winnings when… Read More »

NCAA Tournament First Round First Half Totals

Taking a look ahead to next week, the 2014 NCAA Tournament will be upon us. March Madness draws in almost everyone, including 40 million Americans.  There are not too many people who are not involved in at least one bracket pool or trying to find the diamond in the NCAA tournament odds somewhere. The tourney also… Read More »

February College Basketball Betting System

February in college basketball is all about seeding for the NCAA Tournament.  Each team’s performance in the last 10 games of the season plays an important role in how they fare come Selection Sunday.  So, what a team does during this time is all about building their tournament resume. What also occurs in this month… Read More »