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The field has been set and there’s just a few days to get your picks in before the games start. If you are a picker who is struggling with filling out your bracket, I’m here to help. Not only am I one of the best predictors around, but each year I give out my expert recommendations on the tournament at no cost.

2024 March Madness Bracketology: Best Free Picks & Full Predictions

Jimmy Boyd’s NCAA Tournament bracket is now available! Get Jimmy’s bracket here.

You can also grab a blank bracket for this season to download and/or print using our 2024 NCAA Tournament Bracket.

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Help With Your Final Four/National Champion Game Bracket Predictions

As you know, anything can happen in the NCAA Tournament and that’s why so many teams are listed in the Vegas odds to win March Madness. You don’t want to ignore conventional wisdom completely, but you also need to make some picks that not many other people are going to be willing to make.  Pick your upsets early and keep them in the first few rounds. Or don’t. It’s your bracket and I’d be lying if I said I had a better chance than you at winning. Hopefully my picks will help inform your decisions and I think I’ve made the best possible picks in each round, I’ve just been around long enough to know that the tournament is the ultimate equalizer in terms of skill as so many experts will end up being dead-wrong about their evaluations.  Best of luck!

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