Pro Football Teaser Payouts & Betting Odds: 6-pt, 6.5-pt, 7-pt & 10-Pt

Teasers are a great way for you to gain an edge in sports betting, but you need to be smart about it. If you are new to betting NFL teasers, click on the link to get a full explanation on how they work. You need to find the best possible numbers to tease, but you… Read More »

What’s the Right Move: Should You be Hedging Parlays in Sports Betting

A question I am often asked is, “Should I hedge my parlay?” Well, first things first, I am not a fan of parlays. Generally speaking, it is not a good way to consistently turn a profit. With that said, like so many things in life, parlays can be fun in moderation. I’d be lying if I said… Read More »

Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Your Gut When Placing a Sports Bet

When it comes to wagering money on sports, everyone seems to have “gut” feelings or predispositions to certain situations that they believe gives them an advantage. The problem with these feelings is that while they may appear rational at first blush, most do not hold up, either mathematically or when tested against historical results. Sign… Read More »

Correlated Parlays: Combining First Half with Full Game Odds

Sports Betting Basics: What is a Correlated Parlay? In simple terms, a correlated parlay is a parlay where, if a team wins the first part of the parlay, it increases the odds that another part of the bet will also win.  There are several different types of these wagers.  A common one that novice bettors come… Read More »

Understanding Betting Odds & Payouts on Multi-Team Parlay Tickets

This article is meant to help further your sports betting knowledge when it comes to parlays. The first thing we will cover is understanding what a parlay bet is and how it works. We’ll also look at how the odds are calculated, payouts, house advantage, and benefits for making these wagers. Definition: Parlay bets, also… Read More »

Vegas Odds Makers Accuracy: Standard Deviations by Point Spread

Just how accurate are the oddsmakers as point spreads change and grow?  Most people would predict that as spreads increase in size, the accuracy of the oddsmakers at predicting the final score should fall. What we’ve done is examined the standard deviation on the ATS (against the spread) margin of thousands of games in all… Read More »

MLB Systems & Strategies for Betting on Baseball Underdogs

Most square bettors tend to ride the favorites more often than they bet on an underdog in baseball.  The average joe sees the team that should win and looks at the other team as the one who should to lose. Losing is no fun.  That makes it tough for a lot of amateur bettors.  They can’t… Read More »

Key Numbers to Look for When Making Bets on MLB Over/Under Totals

The table below shows the most common final combined scores for nearly 32,000 MLB games. This information is useful for those making wagers on the diamond. It allows them to see how often each number hits. MLB Key Numbers For Handicapping & Making Bets on Baseball Totals “Runs” represents the final score of each game.… Read More »

How to Improve Your MLB Betting by Avoiding These Common Mistakes

Losing can be a difficult habit to break. If you don’t take the right steps to correct your previous mistakes, you are going to continue to see similar results. The same principles holds true when it comes to betting baseball. You have to be willing to learn something from each loss and use it to your advantage… Read More »

Information on How to Bet MLB Series Prices During Baseball Season

Want to add a little more flavor to your MLB betting this season? You should add baseball series betting to your repertoire. WWagering on this is not the most common bet, and it is one that many bettors aren’t even aware of. In case you aren’t exactly sure what I’m referring to, this is what I mean.… Read More »

Look at How Weather Can Affect the Betting Outcome of Baseball Games

One of the key factors that amateur bettors routinely forget to check is the weather. Knowing the temperature and the direction the wind is blowing can drastically improve your baseball betting. Those that do look at the weather, typically only use it to determine whether a game might go over or under the total, but… Read More »

How to Win More Bets With our MLB Parlay Betting System & Strategies

Understanding How to Bet & Handicap Winning Parlay Picks in Baseball How Parlays Work Most of you reading this article are likely already familiar with how parlays work.  But, I wanted to take a quick second and explain it for anyone who isn’t familiar with this type of wager. A parlay is a single bet… Read More »

Money Line to Break Even Win Percentage Conversion Table

Have you ever wondered what the chances of a team winning was based off of the money line for the game?  That’s a key part of understanding money line bets. The following chart shows how likely a team is to win based off the odds. This is helpful in handicapping because you can see just… Read More »

Best Home Court Advantage in College Basketball by Points

What is the advantage of home court in college basketball?  Ask that question to five different people and you will get five different answers.  Almost all of them are likely to give you a number between 3 and 6 points. The truth of the matter is that there is no simple answer to your question.  The… Read More »

How to Handicap Sporting Events

My goal at Boyd’s Bets has always been to help clients make money through following my picks.  But, I also want every one of my visitors and clients to gain knowledge about beating the books. Below I’ve listed some important general tips to be aware of when breaking down games.  I’ve also added links to more information for… Read More »

Sports Betting Myths

It’s time to bust some sports betting myths that I continue to hear year after year after year. These kinds of rumors are taken at face value simply because they “sound right.” But, you need to get rid of these biases when handicapping sports. Sometimes these beliefs are accepted because it serves some purpose in explaining losing wagers.… Read More »

Best Betting Guide with Tips on How to Handicap NCAA Basketball

Prepare to take your college basketball betting to the next level with the most comprehensive handicapping guide ever assembled. Using our complete list of tips and resources you will be extremely well-equipped to take on the sportsbooks from the regular season to the NCAA Tournament! Sign up at GTBets and get a 100% match bonus… Read More »

The Complete Guide on How to Handicap MLB Baseball

Welcome to the biggest and best baseball handicapping guide on the planet. Handicapping Major League Baseball is no easy task. That’s why we’ve assembled a comprehensive list of tools and resources to help you beat the sportsbooks! Get Jimmy’s Premium Service FREE with his 100% sportsbook match offer! Handicapping Major League Baseball: Finding What Works… Read More »

Situational Handicapping

One way to handicap games is to use situations.  Not surprisingly this method is called situational handicapping.  Situational handicapping is one of the best ways to beat the NBA and NFL odds. What Are Situations? There are circumstances surrounding every single game.  Some simple examples are previous game, upcoming game, weather, time of day, and… Read More »

Home Field Advantage By Sport

Home field or court advantage doesn’t always mean talking about who wins most often at home. That’s part of it.  But, what we really want to quantify when handicapping sports is how much it influences the score.  The best way to figure this out is to compare the home/road splits from comparable schedules.  This gives us an idea of how many… Read More »

Correlated Sides & Totals for Parlay Betting

Many novice bettors are told to stick only to straight bets.  However, we have found teasers and parlays can both be profitable in certain situations.  Today we are going to talk about one of the best spots to be parlays.  When there is a correlated side and total in a single game. Is there such a thing as correlated… Read More »

Compare Basketball Teaser Odds & Payouts

Most people have bet on, or at least heard of, teasers for football. Yet, in basketball these are one of the most overlooked types of wagers available. Informed and disciplined bettors can make a lot of money with college basketball and NBA teasers.  To be prepared open accounts at multiple books before the season starts.  Then you can shop the… Read More »

NHL Home Ice Advantage

How much is it worth to each team in the NHL to play on their home ice?  It is common knowledge that playing at home is an advantage to teams in every sport, but what is not as clear is how much of an advantage it is. We looked at every regular season NHL game… Read More »

The Ultimate College Football Handicapping Guidebook

Welcome to the most comprehensive NCAA football betting guide on the planet! We’ve compiled an exhaustive list of resources with one goal in mind: to help you win more of your wagers! Bet with Reduced Juice at 5Dimes and Save this season! There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Quality Information To be sure, you… Read More »

Sports Betting Money Management

There are no such things as locks in gambling.  Winning money isn’t about finding a couple sure things and betting big on them. No, if you want to win money by betting on sports then you don’t just need to know how to bet or how to handicap games, you also need a firm grasp… Read More »

Arbitrage Betting

The easiest way to guarantee to make money betting on sports is arbitrage betting, also known as miracle bets or sure bets.  These cases occur when bookmakers have different opinions on a game and a bettor can make a profit regardless of the outcome. Obviously the bookmakers do not love people who place arb bets.… Read More »


What is a Teaser Bet? What is a teaser?  Simply put, a teaser is very similar to a parlay but with adjusted point spreads and a reduced payout.  Essentially you are “buying” a set number of points. For example, in the NFL a 2-team, 6-point teaser if fairly common.  If you like the Patriots -7.5… Read More »

Halftime Betting

Halftime betting has increased in popularity recently.  Basically this is just a bet that is made at halftime of a game and is graded based on how the second half and overtime shake out.  The game essentially starts over at 0-0 when the second half starts. You can take advantage of these halftime bets to… Read More »

NFL Teasers

NFL teasers are one of the most popular types of wagers.  I think it’s vital to factor them into your NFL handicapping because when used properly they can also be extremely profitable.  For beginners we will talk about exactly what teasers are and you will get for typical odds on teasers.  We’ve also provided links… Read More »

College Football 10-Point Teasers

Teasers are as popular as ever, but my biggest concern is that most people don’t think about whether or not they are actually a good bet. I wanted to find out just what lines were best for three-team 10-point teasers. I looked at every college football game since 1989 to find how often all teams… Read More »

College Football 7-Point Teasers

What lines have actually been profitable for 7-point teasers in college football? I looked at every regular season game since 1989 to find out what lines have been the best for 7-point teasers. I looked at home favorites, road favorites, home underdogs and road underdogs. First, I found how many games landed on each line… Read More »

College Football 6-Point Teaser Table

Teasers are becoming more and more popular among college football bettors, so I took a deeper look at what the best lines are to tease up or down. I looked at every situation: teams as home favorites, road favorites, home underdogs, and road underdogs. Then I found out how many times a six point tease… Read More »

NFL 10-Point Teasers

With the popularity of NFL teasers on the rise, I thought it would be good to provide some research into just what the best lines are to tease up or down. I researched every situation: home favorites, home underdogs, road favorites, and road underdogs. Then I pin-pointed each situation where teasing those numbers would have… Read More »

NFL 7-Point Teasers

I’ve noticed that NFL teasers are gaining popularity among bettors, so I wanted to do some in-depth research to find out what the best odds are to tease up or down. In the table below you’ll find data for 7-point teasers. What you’ll find are the cover rates for home favorites, home underdogs, road favorites… Read More »

NFL 6-Point Teasers

NFL teasers are popular among bettors, so I wanted to look a little deeper at what the best lines are to tease up or down. The table below is looking exclusively at 6-point teasers. I looked at home favorites and underdogs, as well as road favorites and underdogs to try to pinpoint which lines were… Read More »

Look at Major League Baseball Home Field Advantage For All 30 Teams

Every team gets an edge playing in front of the home crowd.  But, do you know exactly how much home field is worth for each MLB team?  If you simply look at the league average over the years, you’ll find playing in the friendly confines is worth about 0.15 runs.  That’s almost nothing. This is a little surprising. … Read More »

Guide to Betting on Sports

If you are new to sports betting or have never taken the time to learn about the many different ways to bet on sports, it can be a bit overwhelming to understand exactly what everything means. There are a lot of numbers and terms to learn about before you even really know what you are… Read More »

Key Numbers

When it comes to betting on sports, knowing about key numbers is absolutely essential to having success.  First and foremost, what exactly is a “key number”?  For the uninitiated, key numbers are those numbers that show up most often as the final margin of victory or as the final point total in a given game… Read More »

Standard Deviations of ATS Margins by Totals

In a game that has less scoring it would make sense that oddsmakers would be more accurate on the lines.  The less total points scored by either team should make it much easier to determine the final score.  The more accurate the line is at certain totals could be a great resource in several different… Read More »

Standard Deviations of Over/Under Margins by Total

How accurate are oddsmakers at setting totals as the size of the total rises?  Our theory coming in was that as totals get bigger, oddsmaker accuracy would get worse.  After all, you would expect a greater margin for error with more points scored.  We went back through hundreds of totals and ran the standard deviation… Read More »

Compare College Football Teaser Odds & Payouts

Teasers might sometimes seem too good to be true, but the fact of the matter is that you can make a lot of money from teasers if you are smart and disciplined about them. One of the best things you can do to improve your odds of turning a profit with teasers is shopping around… Read More »