The Super Bowl brings in a lot of betting action across the globe.  The Nevada Gaming Commission reports the total amount of wagers taken on the Super Bowl at the state’s sportsbooks each year.  Here’s a hint, it’s nearly as much as the amount wagered for the entire NCAA tournament.

This is the most accurate way to track betting on the game and the starting point for any estimates about the total amount of gambling done worldwide.

2018 Was a Record Year

The latest reports out of Nevada show that sportsbooks took in more money in wagers on Super Bowl 52 than any Super Bowl in history at over $158.5 million (up from $138.5m last year).

With that being said, the result of the big game wasn’t exactly what the books were looking for.  While they didn’t take a loss, the 0.7% return ($1,170,432) was the lowest since 2008.  This is likely due to the fact that the Eagles were the most popular public side against the spread, not to mention a large number of bets taken in on Philly on the money line.

A combination of large bets on the Pats (particularly the money line), plus parlays and the estimated record number of prop bets placed seems to be just enough for the books on the whole to have turned a profit.

Most betting during the season is done on the spread and total, but prop bets and exotic wagers get a lot more action during the Super Bowl.

How Much Las Vegas Sportsbooks Make on the Super Bowl Wagers

2018$158,586,934$1,170,4320.7%Philadelphia 41, New England 33
2017$138,480,136$10,937,8267.90%New England 34, Atlanta 28
2016$132,545,587$13,314,53910.1%Denver 24, Carolina 10
2015$115,986,086$3,261,0662.8%New England 28, Seattle 24
2014$119,400,000$19,700,00016.50%Seahawks 43, Broncos 8
2013$98,936,798$7,206,4607.30%Ravens 34, 49ers 31
2012$93,899,840$5,064,4705.40%Giants 21, Patriots 17
2011$87,491,098$724,1760.83%Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 25
2010$82,726,367$6,857,1018.29%New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17
2009$81,514,748$6,678,0448.19%Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23
2008$92,055,833-$2,573,103-2.80%N.Y. Giants 17, New England 14
2007$93,067,358$12,930,17513.89%Indianapolis 29, Chicago 17
2006$94,534,372$8,828,4319.34%Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10
2005$90,759,236$15,430,13817.00%New England 24, Philadelphia 21
2004$81,242,191$12,440,69815.31%New England 32, Carolina 29
2003$71,693,032$5,264,9637.34%Tampa Bay 48, Oakland 21
2002$71,513,304$2,331,6073.26%New England 20, St. Louis 17
2001$67,661,425$11,002,63616.26%Baltimore 34, New York Giants 7
2000$71,046,751$4,237,9785.97%St. Louis 23, Tennessee 16
1999$75,986,520$2,906,6013.83%Denver 34, Atlanta 19
1998$77,253,246$472,0330.61%Denver 31, Green Bay 24
1997$70,853,211$2,265,7013.20%Green Bay 35, New England 21
1996$70,907,801$7,126,14510.05%Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 17
1995$69,591,818-$396,674-0.57%San Francisco 49, San Diego 26
1994$54,483,221$7,481,54113.73%Dallas 30, Buffalo 13
1993$56,811,405$7,174,86912.63%Dallas 52, Buffalo 17
1992$50,334,277$301,2800.60%Washington 37, Buffalo 24
1991$40,080,409$3,512,2418.76%New York Giants 20, Buffalo 19
28 Year Averages$86,051,536$6,273,2637.29%
Average Last 5 Years$132,999,749$9,676,7737.26%

Many More Millions Gambled On the Superbowl Outside Vegas

So those numbers are just in Las Vegas.  Numbers vary widely on the reports of legal, Las Vegas betting and illegal betting but most estimates think Nevada only pulls in 2.5% of the total action!  So if this is correct then you can assume there is about 40x as much bet on the Super Bowl as what the numbers state above!

That is a lot of wagers that are being placed through bookies and online sports books.

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