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The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in sports, and the point spread is an integral part of the betting process. Let’s take a look at the history of the point spread in the Super Bowl.

  • Biggest Point Spread: The biggest point spread ever in the Super Bowl was 18.5 points in Super Bowl XXIX, when the San Francisco 49ers defeated the San Diego Chargers by a score of 49-26.
  • Smallest Point Spread: Three Super Bowls have had just 1-point point spreads:
    • LIV: Chiefs -1 vs 49ers
    • XLIX: Patriots -1 vs Seahawks
    • V: Dallas Cowboys -1 vs Colts
  • Average Margin of Victory: The average margin of victory in the Super Bowl is 14 points.
  • Average Final Score: The average final score in the Super Bowl is 30 to 16.
  • Largest Margin of Victory: The largest margin of victory in the Super Bowl was 45 points in Super Bowl XXIV, when the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Denver Broncos by a score of 55-10.
  • Smallest Margin of Victory: The smallest margin of victory in the Super Bowl was 1 point in Super Bowl XXV when the New York Giants defeated the Buffalo Bills 20-19.
  • Biggest Upset: The biggest upset in the Super Bowl was in Super Bowl III, when the New York Jets defeated the Baltimore Colts by a score of 16-7 as 17-point underdogs.
  • Highest Total (Over/Under): The highest total (over/under) in the Super Bowl was 58.5 points in Super Bowl 58.5, when the New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons by a score of 34-28 in overtime.
  • Lowest Total (Over/Under): 33 is the lowest total posted for the Super Bowl and it has happened four times:
    • XXXV: Giants vs Ravens
    • IX: Vikings vs Steelers
    • VIII: Vikings vs Dolphins
    • VI: Redskins vs Dolphins

Point Spreads & Total Results of Every Super Bowl in History

SeasonSuper BowlMatch UpSpreadTotalScoreWinnerATS WinnerTotal Result
2022LVIIKC vs PHIPHI -1.550.538-35KCKC (+1.5)OVER
2021LVILAR vs. CINLAR -4.548.523-20LARCIN (+4.5)UNDER
2020LVKC vs. TBKC -35631-9TBTB (+3)UNDER
2019LIVKC vs. SFKC -15431-20KCKC (-1)UNDER
2018LIIINE vs. LARNE -2.55813-3NENE (-2.5)UNDER
2017LIINE vs. PHINE -4.54841-33PHIPHI (+4.5)OVER
2016LINE vs. ATLNE -358.534-28NENE (-3)OVER
201550DEN vs. CARCAR -4.543.524-10DENDEN (+4.5)UNDER
2014XLIXNE vs. SEANE -147.528-24NENE (-1)OVER
2013XLVIIIDEN vs. SEADEN -2.547.543-8SEASEA (+2.5)OVER
2012XLVIIBAL vs. SFSF -44834-21BALBAL (+4)OVER
2011XLVINE vs. NYGNE -35321-17NYGNYG (+3)UNDER
2010XLVGB vs. PITGB -2.54531-25GBGB (-2.5)OVER
2009XLIVNO vs. INDIND -45731-17NONO (+4)UNDER
2008XLIIIAZ vs. PITPIT -6.54627-23PITAZ (+6.5)OVER
2007XLIINYG vs. NENE -145517-14NYGNYG (+14)UNDER
2006XLICHI vs. INDIND -74729-17INDIND (-7)UNDER
2005XLSEA vs. PITPIT -44721-10PITPIT (-4)UNDER
2004XXXIXPHI vs. NENE -446.524-21NEPHI (+4)UNDER
2003XXXVIIICAR vs. NENE -737.532-29NECAR (+7)OVER
2002XXXVIITB vs. OAKOAK -3.54448-21TBTB (+3.5)OVER
2001XXXVISTL vs. NESTL -145320-17NENE (+14)UNDER
2000XXXVNYG vs. BALBAL -33334-7BALBAL (-3)OVER
1998XXXIIIATL vs. DENDEN -7.552.534-19DENDEN (-7.5)OVER
1997XXXIIGB vs. DENGB -124931-24DENDEN (+12)OVER
1996XXXIGB vs. NEGB -144935-21GBPUSHOVER
1995XXXDAL vs. PITDAL -13.55127-17DALPIT (+13.5)UNDER
1994XXIXSF vs. SDSF -1853.549-26SFSF (-18)OVER
1993XXVIIIDAL vs. BUFDAL -10.550.530-13DALDAL (-10.5)UNDER
1992XXVIIDAL vs. BUFDAL -6.544.552-17DALDAL (-6.5)OVER
1991XXVIWAS vs. BUFWAS -74937-24WASWAS (-7)OVER
1990XXVNYG vs. BUFBUF -740.520-19NYGNYG (+7)UNDER
1989XXIVSF vs. DENSF -124855-10SFSF (-12)OVER
1988XXIIISF vs. CINSF -74820-16SFCIN (+7)UNDER
1987XXIIWAS vs. DENDEN -34742-10WASWAS (+3)OVER
1986XXINYG vs. DENNYG -94039-20NYGNYG (-9)OVER
1985XXCHI vs. NECHI -1137.546-10CHICHI (-11)OVER
1984XIXSF vs. MIASF -353.538-16SFSF (-3)OVER
1982XVIIWAS vs. MIAMIA -236.527-17WASWAS (+2)OVER
1981XVISF vs. CINSF -24826-21SFSF (-2)UNDER
1980XVPHI vs. OAKPHI -337.527-10OAKOAK (+3)UNDER
1979XIVLA vs. PITPIT -113631-19PITPIT (-11)OVER
1977XIIDAL vs. DENDAL -53927-10DALDAL (-5)UNDER
1976XIMIN vs. OAKOAK -53832-14OAKOAK (-5)OVER
1975XDAL vs. PITPIT -73621-17PITDAL (+7)OVER
1974IXMIN vs. PITPIT -33316-6PITPIT (-3)UNDER
1972VIIWAS vs. MIAWAS -23314-7MIAMIA (+2)UNDER
1971VIDAL vs. MIADAL -53424-3DALDAL (-5)UNDER
1970VDAL vs. BALDAL -13616-13BALBAL (+1)UNDER
1969IVMIN vs. KCMIN -103923-7KCKC (+10)UNDER
1968IIIBAL vs. NYJBAL -174016-7NYJNYJ (+17)UNDER
1967IIGB vs. OAKGB -134333-14GBGB (-13)OVER
1966IGB vs. KCGB -17N/A35-10GBGB (-17)OVER

Just remember that past performance doesn’t necessary correlate to future results. You have to look at all the underlying factors before deciding who to take.

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